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Tiffany Rodkell - Touch My Heart Instead LLC. Baltimore, Maryland Area, MD, US

Tiffany Rodkell Tiffany Rodkell

Managing Member | Touch My Heart Instead LLC

Baltimore, Maryland Area, MD, UNITED STATES

Motivational Speaker and Managing Member of Touch My Heart Instead LLC





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Tiffany Rodkell was raised by an aunt who always instilled the mentality of striving for the best within her at a young age. She attended catholic schools and aspired to become an actress and a model. After graduating high school, she gave her life to Christ and to the church which brainwashed her into someone that she had not aspired to become. After finally breaking free from the church, she realized there's a thin line between a person's dedication to the church and their dedication to God. Through the years, Tiffany has encountered many individuals who have also been devastated by the people of God and who decided to leave God altogether. She feels led to bring God's people back to Him.

Why the church? Why did Tiffany Rodkell gravitate to the church so intensely? She grew up facing many of life's hardships. Tiffany searched for love in all the wrong places, from the streets to the pulpit. She has learned in her adult years that it is only through God that one can receive such fulfillment. It is not through people, places, or things that you will be given your identity, but through one decision. That decision is changing for the better. She motivates and inspires through speeches to help others realize the strength that lies within one's self.

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Sexual Assualt

Church Hurt


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Certificate of Mentorship (professional)


Worked with a steady group of girls transitioning into middle school for a year.



Did an interview with Layde Aphrodite on her Blog Talk radio and was awarded Aphrodite of the month.

Motivational Speaking @ City Hall (professional)


Spoke out to a group of sexual assault victims. 500 in attendence. Biggest crowd I have ever addressed. Was very liberating!

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RICC- Redeemed International Christian College: Bachelors-pending, Biblical Studies

Currently still attending

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  • Touch My Heart Instead LLC

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Church Hurt

Exposure Brings Closure: Church Hurt Seminar   Baltimore, MD


Sample Talks (1)

“How to Sustain Your Power to Abstain”

Motivational Speaker Tiffany Rodkell will explore and teach from her own experience of this generation’s sexual influence, culture, and advances. She voices what parents are afraid to share with their children. “The power of sex can be destroyed by the testimony of an overcomer.”



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