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Tim  Brunt  - International Data Corporation (IDC). Toronto, ON, CA

Tim Brunt Tim  Brunt

Program Manager, Personal Computing | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Tim Brunt is the Program Manager for IDC's Canadian Quarterly PC Tracker program


Tim Brunt is the Program Manager for IDC's Canadian Quarterly PC Tracker program. In this role, he is engaged in analyzing current market trends, business planning, business and consumer buyer behavior as well as forecasting the performance of the PC industry. Tim also manages the PC Monitor Tracker deliverables.

Tim began his career as Canadian Regional Account Manager with Viking Components. He has also held Sales positions with Dell Canada, and IBM Canada. Most recently, Tim Brunt was Canadian Channel Sales Manager with Panda Security.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Desktops & Notebooks Distribution Channels Ultra-Portables Personal Computing Tablets






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Associated IDC Services (2)

  • Canadian Quarterly Personal Computing Device Tracker
  • IDC Quarterly Gaming Tracker - Canada Region


Education (1)

Humber College: Certification, Information Systems Marketing 1994

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (7)

Intel to open graphics-chip engineering lab in Toronto

Globe and Mail  


As Intel Corp. prepares to battle against Nvidia Corp. and Advanced Micro Devices Inc. in the market for standalone graphics chips, it is setting up shop in a familiar setting for the sector: the Toronto region.

The multinational computing giant plans to set up a new engineering lab for graphics processing units, or GPUs, in North York, just south of Markham, where ATI Technologies Inc. became a global GPU-making powerhouse before being acquired by Advanced Micro Devices, or AMD, for US$5.4-billion in 2006.

Media Appearance Image

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Canada is the fastest growing market for PC’s for 2016



IDC Canada just released its fourth quarter results and shipment numbers within its Quarterly PC Tracker. From a unit shipment perspective Canada saw positive shipment growth for the second straight quarter. Q4 Shipments grew 0.9% YoY with shipment totals reaching 1,458,531 units.

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Back to School For the CIO: Emerging Trends to Watch Out For

IT World Canada  


Mobility is a struggle for everyone, said Tim Brunt, program manager for personal computing and technology at IDC Canada, and back to school sales often mean consumer grade products, including mobile devices, end up in the enterprise, because there’s a lot on sale through Black Friday and past Christmas. “It may look great from a consumer perspective, but a lot of these products don't have a place in the enterprise.”

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Retailers brace for new reality with weak Loonie

Wifi Hifi  


Canadians are used to dealing with fluctuations in currency. But the loonie has been down - way down - for well over a year. And retailers that were hedging exchange risks are now looking for more permanent solutions, whether that's raising prices, cutting staff, or finding supply chain efficiencies.

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Dell attempts to reinvent the desktop PC

Computer Dealer News  online


Tim Brunt, market analyst and program manager for personal computing at IDC Canada, said for years people try to reinvent the desktop with little success, the market is resistant and doesn’t want to change. Going from laptops to tablets has been less than successful for example. So moving to something like a new workspace will be a challenge. Can they adopt to it? Certainly, but at what price,” he said...

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Microsoft marketing targets looming Chromebook threat

Computer Dealer News  


When it comes to personal computer market share, the dominance of Microsoft’s Windows operating system (OS) is legendary and unquestioned. There are signs, though, that it’s beginning to feel some Chromebook pressure.

Low-cost laptops running Google’s Chrome OS have been making inroads lately, particularly in the education market where, without having to buy an expensive Windows license and with its integrated management tools, the Chromebook is a good fit for budget-conscious school boards. According to IDC research, a Chromebook costs the K-12 market 69 per cent less labour to deploy and 92 per cent less labour to support than traditional PCs, with significantly lower total cost of ownership.

In what could be seen as a somewhat defensive move by the software giant, Microsoft recently targeted Chromebooks with an e-blast to retail customers, touting an Asus laptop running Windows 8.1 as a more feature-rich option than the Chromebook.

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PC sales show weak positive demand in Canada

IT World Canada  online


“The Canadian PC market is finally starting to emerge from the fog,” concluded Tim Brunt, program manager for IDC Canada’s personal computing unit...

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Reports (5)

Guide to Selling to Canadian Businesses: PCs, PCaaS, and Beyond IDC Canada

Tim Brunt

January 2018

This IDC Presentation defines and sizes the PCaaS market in the Canadian commercial segment. Topics include common concerns businesses bring forward, the misconceptions of PCaaS, and the benefits offered to companies choosing this path. Also covered are the financial benefits of moving away from up-front purchase to the PCaaS financing model.

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Canadian Consumer Devices Survey 2017 Results: Mobile Phones, Tablets, Laptops, and Desktops IDC Canada

Manish Nargas, Emily Taylor, Steve Yang, Tim Brunt

Sept 2017

This IDC Survey presents findings from IDC Canada's recent consumer surveys focusing on mature hardware categories, specifically mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. The showcased data highlights consumer interest, ownership, usage, preferences, and future potential for purchase of mature devices. Further, the document outlines data on brands, purchase channels, and the key top of mind devices for Canadian consumers. Additional insight is provided through additional demographic comparisons where relevant.
The data presented in this Survey is useful for market intelligence roles, product managers, and product marketers that seek to understand the buyer behaviour of Canadian consumers for mature hardware devices.

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Oil Price Crunch: How Will the Canadian Energy ICT Market Respond to "Lower for Longer" Oil Prices? IDC Presentation

February 2016

This IDC Presentation provides a snapshot highlighting the impact on energy sector ICT investments. The core assumptions underpinning the IDC's forecast for the oil and gas sector have significantly deteriorated in the past six months. The key changes are at the macroeconomic level:

Oil is now expected to stay lower for longer. The consensus economics prediction of "bottoming out" at $40 per barrel has been invalidated. The new consensus for WTI appears to be ~$30 dollar for an extended period before rebounding. Canada's oil sands production will take an even lower price.
The damage is spilling into other industry sectors. Alberta's public sector is dealing with significantly lower royalty revenue; construction firms have fewer opportunities; Alberta's commercial and industrial real estate looks overbuilt; Calgary's financial services and legal sector is heavily overweighted to the energy patch; and regional consumer confidence is being negatively affected, impacting the retail and wholesale industry.
As a result, IDC Canada has lowered our expectations for the oil and gas and Alberta ICT markets for 2016 and through the forecast cycle. This Presentation outlines the most likely scenario for the following sectors:

Client devices: Personal computers, mobile phones, tablets
Infrastructure hardware: Servers, storage, network equipment, printers
IT services: Consulting and integration, outsourcing, training and support

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Oil Price Crunch: How Should Canadian ICT Vendors Respond to "Lower for Longer" Oil Prices? IDC Presentation

February 2016

This IDC Presentation offers guidance to ICT vendors on surviving in the downside of the commodity cycle — what to do when the bubble bursts? It is a follow-up to IDC Canada's recently published Oil Price Crunch: How Will the Canadian Energy ICT Market Respond to "Lower for Longer" Oil Prices? (IDC #CA41032416, forthcoming).

This Presentation contains two main components. First, it recaps the economic environment that we're now confronted with. Second, it offers vendor guidance on the following:

Client devices such as PCs, tablets, and mobile phones
Infrastructure hardware including servers, storage, network equipment, and printers
Software including applications, development, and deployment as well as systems infrastructure
Services including outsourcing, support, training, and professional services
Communication service providers
The market has changed, and successful account management needs to embrace this to succeed in this tougher landscape.

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2016 Canadian ICT Predictions and Forecast: Digital Transformation and Disruption IDC Presentation

December 2015

This IDC Presentation was originally held as a Web conference on December 3, 2015. It covers economic, business, and technology predictions and trends shaping 2016. It arms technology professionals from both end-user and vendor communities, with unparalleled insight into the industry outlook for the year ahead.

Key topics to be explored include:

Digital transformation (DX)
Hybrid cloud
Internet of Things (IoT)
Mobile and business apps
Cognitive computing
Connected life
IDC also provides a forecast on the most significant ICT disruptions we foresee emerging in the Canadian landscape over the next five years. Please note this IDC Presentation includes detailed speaker notes.

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