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Tim Davis, J.D. - Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem, NC, US

Tim Davis, J.D. Tim Davis, J.D.

Professor of Law | Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC, UNITED STATES

Davis is a renowned expert in sports law whose scholarship focuses on racism in athletics, the NCAA, and professional sports agents.


As one of the country’s best sport law scholars, Tim Davis has devoted his research to a variety of topics relating to athletics and sports entertainment. Though his expertise is broad, his scholarship has focused on racism in intercollegiate and professional athletics, professional sports agents, contracts, and issues relating to the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which includes such topics as student-athlete eligibility, recruitment, and the regulation and enforcement of NCAA policy. Tim also serves on the Review Board for the United States Anti-Doping Agency and is a member of the Board of Advisors for the National Sports Law Institute.

Areas of Expertise (14)



College Athletics


Entertainment Law

Intercollegiate Athletics


Professional Athletes

Professional Athletics

Race Law

Racism in Sport

Sports Agents


Sports Law





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Education (2)

University of California, Berkeley: J.D., Law 1979

Stanford University: B.A., Political Science 1975

Affiliations (9)

  • American Bar Association
  • American Bar Foundation
  • American Law Institute
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • United States Anti-Doping Agency
  • National Conference of Bar Examiners
  • North Carolina Bar Association (NCBA_
  • Sports & Entertainment Law Section, NCBA
  • Sports Lawyers Association

Media Appearances (4)

Cautionary fraud tale for pro athletes with sudden wealth

Fox Business  


Top college athletes often rely on academic advisers, trainers and coaches to manage matters off the field — so it's not unusual for them to put the same trust in financial advisers when they turn pro, said Tim Davis, a Wake Forest University law professor and co-author of "The Business of Sports Agents."

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Large number of transfers rocks college basketball

The News & Observer  


Timothy Davis, a law professor at Wake Forest University with an expertise in sports law, notes “we want to over-generalize about athletes and view with a very narrow lens the various factors that influence them to choose a particular institution.”

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McGovern: Jeffrey Kessler puts fear into NFL

Boston Herald  


“He’s very knowledgeable and has dealt with complex matters, and I don’t see this as being a very complex matter,” said Timothy Davis, a sports law professor at Wake Forest University School of Law. “Antitrust matters are very complex with very technically difficult issues.”

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Prominent NFL agent Drew Rosenhaus scrutinized for relationship with former financial adviser

Yahoo! Sports  


One of the country's eminent sports law scholars, Timothy Davis of the Wake Forest University School of Law, agreed with Heitner's statement on the duty agents owe to their clients. "A fiduciary [agent] is one who acts primarily for the benefit of another," Davis said. "As such, one obligation imposed on the fiduciary is that he or she inform the principal [player] of all matters that may affect the principal's interests."

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Articles (5)

Majoring in Infractions: The Evolution of the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s Enforcement Structure Oregon Law Review

The article begins with a discussion of the alleged deficiencies in the pre-August 2013 enforcement structure that prompted NCAA member institutional representatives and other constituencies to demand reform.

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NCAA Deregulation and Reform: A Radical Shift of Governance Philosophy? Oregon Law Review

The article examines the deregulation proposals submitted by the Rules Working Group for the U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association's Board of Directors approval and the student-athlete and academic welfare legislation promulgated by the other working groups and adopted by the board before 2013.

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Eradicating Student-Athlete Sexual Assault of Women: Section 1983 and Personal Liability Following Michigan State Law Review

The Article also explores the variables that influence university officials, particularly college coaches, to engage in behaviors that either enhance the risk that women students will be sexually assaulted by student athletes or treat woman who have been sexually harassed with deliberate indifference.

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Athlete Eligibility Requirements and Legal Protection of Sports Participation Opportunities Virginia Sports & Entertainment Law Journal

This article compares and examines the existing legal frameworks governing athletic eligibility rules and dispute resolution processes for Olympic, professional, college, and high school sports from both private law and public law perspectives.

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Race and Sports in America: An Historical Overview Virginia Sports & Entertainment

Consistent with this conceptualization of sport, this article provides an historical overview of the experiences of blacks in American sports. Beginning with the slavery era of American history, the article demonstrates that African American's experiences in sports have largely paralleled their experiences in the broader dimensions of American society.

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