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Tim Reilly Tim Reilly

Owner | The Old Friends Company


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Maggie Riales, Dillon, SC Revitalization Coordinator | Palmetto Trust Sponsored Workshop

"I want to take the opportunity to tell you about a marvelous experience I recently enjoyed... On April 18th, the Palmetto Trust sponsored a Field School by Tim Reilly of Madison, GA. It was held at "Bellevue", an antebellum Greek Revival mansion (1843) in Society Hill, SC. The program lasted from 9:30AM to 3:30PM (although everyone stayed until almost 6:30PM), and included the importance of material preservation and the repair of old windows, masonry, and plaster. Tim is a captivating speaker and made the day fly by. In looking to the next conference, he would be a great resource. He brings restoration to life and his approach to preservation (saving time and money by saving historic material) is what owners want to hear."

Martin J Alfonsi, Chair, Georgetown Homeowners Assoc | City of Georgetown Historic Material Retention Presentation

"Tim, if I was to say "your presentation has created a stir among the homeowners in the historical district," I would be severely understating the case. Everyone who was there is talking about it, and those who were not there wished they had come. My wife and I were glad to hear what you had to say. We have a home reportedly built in 1737. We have lived there for 6 years and you confirmed that much of what we did was correct and a few things we did were wrong. As we go forward, we plan to follow your guidelines wherever possible. Thanks for coming to Georgetown!" Martin J Alfonsi Chair, Georgetown Homeowners Association Georgetown, SC

Michael Bedenbaugh, Executive Director Palmetto Trust for Historic Preservation | Palmetto Trust Sponsored Workshops

"Tim has been an invaluable resource for our organization in communicating to historic homeowners around SC the importance of historic material retention, not only from a preservation perspective, but as an economically responsible choice as well."

Helen P Sowell, City Administrator | City of Lancaster, SC Historic Material Retention Presentation

"Tim Reilly has been very helpful in helping us save an old church that had been taken over by thousands of bats. He taught us to be caretakers and to see the building as it once was, to hear the voices of the past, and to never forget that we are leaving indelible marks on the structure. He used the analogy of "ghosts" and said we could leave good ghosts or bad ones as we worked on the church. The bad ghosts are, of course, inappropriate building materials and poor workmanship. We found, in working with Tim, that he doesn't accept a project as just a job. For Tim it is an exciting, reverent walk through the past. Many thanks to Tim for his advice and continued interest in our project." Helen P. Sowell City Administrator Lancaster, SC

Judith Bayer-Griffin, Program Chair Scholars Forum | Historic Materials and Construction Methods

"Tim Reilly gave a very impressive presentation on "Historic Construction" to our Scholars Forum group. He conveyed his extensive knowledge and obvious love for his work through an extraordinarily interesting session that left his audience begging for more. We hope to have him return to continue sharing his wealth of knowledge regarding historic conservation." Judith Bayer-Griffin Scholars Forum Georgetown, SC

Tim Mercer, Owner, ClickBrick Inc. | Preservation NC Historic Materials Retention Presentation

"Absolutely loved your session!! I have been doing this a long time and I was thrilled to see specifics addressed. I have passed along my endorsement and expressed my wish to see you in New Bern next year for a two part session! You were knowledgeable, passionate, experienced and funny. Look forward to meeting you in person." Tim Mercer ClickBrick Inc Sanford, NC

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Historic Material Retention and How It Supports Your Heritage Tourism Efforts

  Georgetown, SC

Historic Materials and Construction Methods

Scholars Forum  Georgetown, SC



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