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Timothy Verstynen - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Timothy Verstynen Timothy Verstynen

Associate Professor | Carnegie Mellon University



Timothy Verstynen's research focuses on how our brains allow us to explore our environments and learn from experience, with the goal of translating these findings from neuroscience to artificial intelligence. He is an expert in multiple neuroimaging methods, psychophysics, computational modeling, and experimental design. He has experience running startups (co-founder of NeuroScouting LLC), writing popular science books (Do Zombies Dream of Undead Sheep?), press appearances (featured in the Fastball documentary), as well as building and running neuroimaging centers (as co-director of the CMU-Pitt Brain Imaging Data Generation & Education (BRIDGE) Center).

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Education (2)

University of California at Berkeley: Ph.D., Cognition, Brain & Behavior

University of New Mexico: B.A., Psychology

Media Appearances (4)

The Real Face of Cancel Culture

Inside Higher Ed  online


Criticism is not canceling, and the victim narrative is particularly pernicious in light of attacks on academics and teachers at home and abroad, Timothy Verstynen writes.

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Documentary Film Clip: 'Fastball'

The Wall Street Journal  online


Watch a clip from the documentary "Fastball," directed by Jonathan Hock and narrated by Kevin Costner.

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Diagnosing a zombie: brain and behavior (Part two) - Tim Verstynen & Bradley Voytek

TED-Ed  online


How are different brain stimulations involved with human behaviors--and how can observing a zombie help us understand the brain? In the second part of the Diagnosing Zombies series, two scientists continue to ponder the erratic behaviors of a zombie to explore the relationship between the brain and behavior.

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Diagnosing a zombie: Brain and body (Part one) - Tim Verstynen & Bradley Voytek

TED-Ed  online


Zombies eat brains. They are also, like all of us, driven by brain functions. What is happening in their brains to make them act as they do? In this intriguing dialogue, Tim Verstynen & Brad Voytek apply the various human medical possibilities that make zombies...zombies.

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