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Tom Cooper - BrightHill Group. Germantown, MD, US

Tom Cooper

Leadership Expert | BrightHill Group


Leadership Expert - helping you raise your game to the next level





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Tom Cooper started his first business partnership at age nine. He's a founding partner with the John Maxwell team - a certified speaker, trainer and coach who focuses on personal and professional leadership to help leaders "Raise their Game" to a new level.

He has worked in companies as small as 5, and has lead teams in companies as large as 160,000 employees. He has been a management consultant and IT leader. He has studied and lived out leadership, team building and communications. Along the way he spent a decade in Fortune 500 information technology; built and led teams of software engineers; was accountable for operations of enterprise solutions and integrations; and built the product management discipline for a SaaS vendor saving clients millions in operational costs.

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Corporate Leadership

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Alderson-Broaddus : B.S., Computer Science

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  • John Maxwell Team
  • PMI

Sample Talks (4)

Do you know the story that crippled your business? Here's how to make a new ending!

What stories do you tell? The stories we tell reflect the value system that we embrace. More than what we SAY we believe, the hero stories define our corporate culture and show what we ACTUALLY believe. In this session we will talk about stories that shape your company, what stories are being told, and what you can do to create a new "story" about your mission, vision and values which will raise your game and inspire your teams.

3 Keys to Strengthen your Business - action steps you can use to grow today!

Would you like more sales? More effective team members? Happier customers? More referrals? We'll talk about The Law of the Lid - leadership ability determines a person's effectiveness The Law of Influence - The true measure of leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less The Law of Process - Leadership develops daily, not in a day. You'll walk away from this session with at least 3 actionable steps to help strengthen your leadership and develop a better team.

Grow your business through.... Generosity?

Take your business to the next level by moving from transaction to relationship - from relationship to referrals. In this talk we will cover the 7 Levels of Communication, and specific systems to target your communications directly to the key influencers in your network. You'll walk away from this session with new strategies and specific tactics to grow your business today!

Why won't they listen to me? Keys to effective comminicaton

Unless you're alone, all speaking is public speaking. You can move beyond words to really connect with others and unleash their passion and potential to help grow your business. We'll talk about the 3 key questions you need to answer to really connect with others. You'll walk away with at least 3 actionable steps to improve communication, relationships, and get more from your team.



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