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Tom Cronin Tom Cronin

One Great Find


Tom Cronin: Meditation teacher, Co_founder of One Great Find, blogger, retreat co-ordinator


Tom is the Co-Founder of One Great Find, a company whose mission is to transform as many lives as possible by delivering to the world the technique of Stillness Sessions, transformational courses, retreats, ebooks and apps. One Great Find intends to inspire and awaken the glory and power in as many people as possible.

Tom represents the model for the full integration of life. Married with 2 children and having spent 25 years in finance as a broker, he successfully merges the worlds of family, finance and spirituality. Tom has been practicing Stillness Sessions for 17 years, facilitated retreats all over the world. He studied the ancient Vedic tradition in India, Bali and at home in Australia. He then advanced into the role of teacher and mentor passing on his extensive knowledge to assist others in finding their own inner peace and happiness.

When Tom isn’t with his family, writing or teaching, he can be found riding his longboard along the east coast of Australia, in the crowd at a music festival or on his yoga mat in some twisted position all the while exuding radiant bliss and Stillness

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Alternative Medicine

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Stress Management

Wellness and Health

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Vedic Meditation Teacher Training: Vedic Meditation Teacher, meditation 2009

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  • Vedic Meditation Network

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The Stillness Effect

Sickness, disease, stress, fatigue, anxiety, depression. These are the bodies way of signalling that there is an imbalance within the body.


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1000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee