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Tony  Cole - Anthony Cole Training Group. Cincinnati, OH, US

Tony Cole

Founder & Chief Learning Officer | Anthony Cole Training Group


Helping Companies Sell Better, Coach Better and Hire Better for 27 Years



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Over the years, ACTG has served thousands of clients, helping them to grow sales and build sales cultures within organizations nationwide, establishing ACTG as a sales expert.

Since 1991, Tony Cole and Anthony Cole Training Group have specialized in Sales Talent Acquisition and Development. Tony has published a deep inventory of learning modules, many of which are available online, in webinars and through ACTG’s Sales Development Experts. The Effective Selling System provides a finely tuned sales process that is practical, memorable and easy to implement. Sales Managed Environment® Certification, supplies a directed, intentional coaching and talent development process for sales managers. Hire Better Salespeople brings a thoroughly detailed different and effective approach to hiring salespeople who can and will sell. ACTG uses a scientific, research- based assessment to determine individual and internal company strengths, weaknesses and disconnects.

Tony is the co-author of the highly acclaimed Resurrecting Anthony, A True Story of Courage and Destination, which is the basis for the inspiring Ignite the Fire Within keynote speeches.

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Corporate Training


Corporate Leadership

Financial Services

Training and Development

Professional Training and Coaching




Areas of Expertise (9)

Sales Leadership

Sales Process

Sales Development

Increasing Sales


Sales Training

Hiring Salespeople

Creating a Sales Managed Environment

Sales Evaluation

Accomplishments (4)

Sales Evaluation (professional)

Platinum Partner with OMG for 5 consecutive years

Client Effectiveness (professional)

5+ years average client longevity 93% of Participants surveyed consistently rate training programs as effective or highly effective

Results (professional)

Community Bank - doubled loan volume in 3 years, average loan per RM from $8M to $20M Bank Owned Insurance Team - 150% increase in annual sales in 3 years, 131% increase in new business sales per producer

Experience (professional)

25+ years of data and experience developing salespeople into consistent and predictable producers Deep domain expertise in banks, insurance and financial services and industries requiring knowledgeable, longer-sales cycle, consultative salespeople

Education (1)

University of Connecticut: BA, Education 1975

Tony graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Education. A scholarship athlete, upon graduation Tony leveraged his experience to coach Iowa State University and University of Cincinnati athletic teams. He then spent more than 15 years in sales and sales management positions. This unique combination of coaching and selling led him to launch Anthony Cole Training in 1991, which helps companies sell better, coach better and hire better.

Affiliations (6)

  • Objective Management Group Partner - #1 Sales Assessment
  • FreeStore FoodBank - Board Member and Volunteer
  • American Bankers
  • CIAB
  • BISA
  • Ohio Banker's League

Languages (1)

  • English

Testimonials (10)

Rob Gray, National Sales Manager | Lindal Cedar Homes

"The Lindal International Dealer Conference was a smashing success. This was due in no small part to Tony's keynote. Thanks so much for all of your help, you were great to work with!"

Bill Ekstrom, President | EcSell Institute

“Tony’s was the highest rated workshop of the day.”

Ralph Pim, Director of Corporate Sports | U.S. MIliatary Academy at Westpoint

“Tony Cole has helped our Competitive Sports program at the United States Military Academy at West Point go to the next level. His ability to motivate and inspire others is exceptional. Tony has an uncanny ability to quickly look at situations and provide strategies that will bring team members together and turn problems into workable solutions. I highly recommend Tony!”

Dwight (Whitey) Kollmeier, President | First National Insurance Agency

"Tony Cole's organization, ACTG, is not for everyone. Only those that are truly committed to becoming better and are accountable to themselves and the results. I have had the opportunity to utilize ACTG for the past 16 years and can confidently say that it has made a difference in 1) hiring the right sales people to support a sales growth culture with accountability for results and 2) evaluating, measuring, and improving the current sales force and sales management."

Beth Mooney, Chairman and CEO | KeyCorp

"Thank you for all you have done to help us build a strong Sales Management Effectiveness program that has transformed Key to a true sales organization. With your help, our sales leaders and sales people are now executing a consistent selling process that has directly contributed to the bottom line revenue and growth of the company. We are far stronger for our association and work with you and your team at Anthony Cole Training Group.

Janine McWilliams, Vice President, Employee Benefits | USI, New England

“Quite simply put, Tony Cole changed my life. I first met Tony Cole 6 years ago when he challenged me to raise my expectations of myself -and I did. The tools and techniques that I have learned as being part of the Anthony Cole Training Group has catapulted my career and enhanced my life. I would recommend Tony Cole to anyone who is searching for a way to bring back enthusiasm and results to the sales process.”

Dave Kurlan, CEO | Objective Management Group, Inc.

“Tony Cole brings both the tangibles and the intangibles to a sales development engagement. He is a tremendous resource who gets it and has an immediate impact on any company who is smart enough to hire him.”

Joel Hickman, District President | KeyBank

“Tony likes to talk about extraordinary results. Since working with Tony and Anthony Cole Training, I am witnessing firsthand what extraordinary results my team can achieve.”

Wes Lawrence, Regional President | KeyBank

"Prior to working with Anthony Cole Training Group, our team had strong accountability, good leaders, and a terrific work ethic. We simply were willing to work harder than the next company. But for all our hustle, we weren't effective enough in sales. We couldn't land enough business. Tony Cole training added the piece that was missing. We learned how to turn a good sales call into an extraordinary sales call that included a commitment to do business with us. We learned how to shorten the sales cycle and get to commitment faster. We learned to win more while spending less time creating proposals. We won a higher percentage of "at bats" than ever before, and our financial results improved dramatically.”

Tim Finley, President | CBI Leasing

"Whether you are a novice or a seasoned professional, Tony has something to offer. Our recent session was engaged and spirited and geared towards working smarter. Every attendee walked away with excellent advice for enhancing every prospect contact."

Media Appearances (3)

BISA Portfolio

Bank Investment & Securities Association  print


Tony Cole is published monthly with his Sales Management expertise for the BISA audience

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Peak Sales Performers  radio


If your businesses sales aren’t where you want them to be, it may because you don’t have any peak sales performers on your team. You have to stop hiring people with the wrong “stuff” and know how to get the most out of them. That’s the sage advice from my conversation with Tony Cole of the Anthony Cole Training Group.

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High Touch Coaching in a High-Tech World

BAI Banking Strategies  print


Relationship management has changed. To succeed in today’s highly digitized world, relationship managers (that is, your sales staff) must cultivate the art of high-touch selling. This means that your people make meaningful human connections that focus on service instead of sales. The 2010 book “Go Givers Sell More” by Bob Burg and John David Mann tells us that “sell” derives from the Old English word “sellan,” which means “to give.” (Interestingly, it also means “to promise”) Good service is selling—to give customers what they need and honor your promises.

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Event Appearances (55)

CBI Leasing

7 Habits of Highly Successful Sales Teams  St. Louis, MO


Ascension Insurance

5 Keys to Coaching  Dallas, TX


BISA Annual Conference

7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Teams  Hollywood FL


EcSell Institute Sales Coaching Summit

Precision Coaching  Austin TX


Pacific Life

8 Step Phone Call  Dayton OH


PrimeVest Financial Services

From Success to Significance  Orlando FL


Independent Community Banks of North Dakota

Annual Conference - Ignite the Fire & 5 Keys to Successful Sales Teams  Bismark ND


Lindal Cedar Homes

Create a No-Excuses Environment & Ignite the Fire  Bellevue WA



5 Keys to Coaching  Charleston, NC


Office Furniture USA

7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Teams  Birmingham AL


American Marketing Association Luncheon

Building the SPARK between Marketing & Sales  Cincinnati OH


Cincinnati Regional Chamber

Are They Really a Prospect?  Cincinnati OH


KeyBank National Sales & Service Leadership Workshop

A No-Excuses Environment  Cleveland OH


KeyBank GTM Sales Conference

Reaching Extraordinary Heights  Cleveland OH


Central Trust Bank Annual Meeting

Coaching an Effective Sales Process  Jefferson City, MO


BISA Convention Workshop

Precision Coaching  Hollywood FL


CUPMA Annual Meeting

5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team  Indian Wells, CA


Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce

CEO Checklist for Growth  Cincinnati OH


COSE Small Business Convention

5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team  Cleveland OH


BAI Retail Delivery Conference

Create a No-Excuse Sales Environment  Denver CO


CUSO Financial Services

Create a No-Excuse Sales Environment  San Diego CA


M&T Securities Annual Sales Meeting

Close More Business More Quickly at Higher Margins  Buffalo NY


BISA Convention Workshop

How to Recruit Sales Superstars  Hollywood FL


Cincinnati Chamber Minority Business Accelerators

5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team  Cincinnati OH


BISRA Sales Management Summit

Intentional Coaching + Facilitated Roundtable  New Orleans LA


Cetera National Sales Conference

How to Find, Attract & Hire an All-Star Sales Team  Las Vegas, Nevada


M&T Retail Quarterly Meeting

5 Keys to a High Performing Sales Team  Hershey PA


Fairwinds Credit Union

Personal & Business Workplan  Orlando FL


Midwestern Securities CEO Forum

Building Advocacy, the Key to Growth & Survival   Peoria, IL


Old Republic Risk Mgmt

National Sales Conference - Ignite the Fire Within  Scottsdale AR


Huntington Bank

In Search of Freedom  Columbus OH


BISA Annual Convention

Why Isn't My New Producer Selling?  Hollywood FL


Cetera Connect Conference

Motivate Your Average Producer from Good to Great  Scottsdale AR



Selling Bill of Rights  Cincinnati OH


Region's Bank

Precision Coaching  Birmingham AL


BAI Retail Delivery

How to Hire Bankers Who Will Sell  Las Vegas NE


Monmouth-Ocean NAHU

7 Habits of Highly Effective Sales Teams  Neptune NJ



Success Formula to Building Your Book  Denver CO


Midwestern Securities

Drive Consistent Sales Results  Peoria IL


Region's Bank

Personal & Business Workplan  St. Petersburg FL


Securities America

I Could Sell More if Only I...  LaVista NE


CUSO Sales Roundtables

Set Up the Close Before Asking for the Business  Pasadena, Portland OR, Dayton, Austin, San Fran, Philly, Washington DC, Denver


BISA Annual Convention

Increase Branch Revenue for 34%  Hollywood FL


BISA CEO Retreat

The DNA of the Sales SuperStar  Nashville, TN


Cetera Connect Conference

The Customer First Advisor  Scottsdale AR


Four Seasons Financial Group

Exceed Expectations & Build Advocates  Marlton NJ


American Banker Retail Conference: Hiring Bankers for Branch Growth

RB19  Austin, TX


Create Engaging Conversations in the Branch of the Future

Bank Trainer's Conference & Expo  Atlanta, GA


How to Hire Better Bankers Who Will Sell

Ohio Banker's League HR Conference  Columbus


7 Habits of High Peforming Salespeople

Ohio Banker's League CEO Symposium  Columbus


How to Hire Better Bankers Who Will Sell

American Banker Biz Banking Conference  Nashville TN


High Touch Coaching in a High-Tech World

BAI Beacon  Orlando FL


The Holistic Advisor

Kehrer-Bielan Roundtable  Chapel Hill, NC


Recruit & Hire Producers Who Will Sell More

CIAB HR Summit  Washington, DC


How to Hire Better Bankers Who Will Sell

Republic Bank  Louiseville KY


Sample Talks (5)

5 Keys to a Winning Sales Team

This workshop is designed to help Sales Managers manage activity, coach behaviors and lead for results. The 5 Keys Workshop is an intensive, interactive workshop that will help any Sales Management team develop the critical skills to set extraordinary standards, learn motivation techniques that work, coach for success, upgrade the sales force and grow with the numbers. It will provide a structured process that managers can implement immediately to improve sales performance and drive revenue.

7 Habits of Highly Successful Salespeople

There is a specific set of consistent behaviors and habits that successful salespeople use day in and day out, year after year to achieve their goals. In this powerful sales & management workshop, you will learn: • Why the only "A" priority is prospecting • The formula for sales success • How to be unique • How to set qualified appointments • How to eliminate the shoppers • How to close key accounts faster • How to ‘track’ your way to close more business

Why Aren't Your Salespeople Selling?

The core function of your sales team is to drive revenue. Yet, there are self-limiting obstacles that prevent them from delivering the results your company needs. In this session, you'll learn how to: • Identify the 4 critical performance factors that your sales people must possess to succeed • Use key techniques to uncover these factors in candidates and your team • Expose the roadblocks that create underperformance in sales people • Become a better coach to drive sales performance

How to Hire Salespeople Who Will Sell

Why aren’t those salespeople producing like the champions you interviewed? Can you afford to make that mistake again? This workshop will help companies HIRE BETTER SALESPEOPLE with a proven process for searching, interviewing, hiring and on-boarding new hires. Using our systematic approach, we will identify and hire salespeople for your firm that can and will sell successfully.

High Touch Coaching in a High-Tech World

Technology has forever changed the landscape for transacting across all business services. While there are some who are comfortable buying complex products online, most feel the need to talk, meet and trust an advisor who is knowledgeable and caring. We call ideal candidates for this role “farmers”. Those who take the time to sow the seeds and care for the plant until it is ready for harvest will lay the groundwork for building a trusting relationship, enabling them to reap years of future sales and referrals to ultimately grow their business. Does this describe your salespeople? Most sales leaders were promoted into their position and may not have the coaching skills necessary to hire and develop their people. In fact, typically less than 5% of leadership teams assessed have the skills to be effective coaches. This workshop will provide a framework to help sales managers deliver high touch coaching to grow relationships and revenue in this high-tech world.



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Workshop Leader
  • Author Appearance
  • Corporate Training


1500 to 7000

Research Focus (1)

Science of Salesforce Selection

Explore and Compare Statistics on our 21 Sales Core Competencies Selling Competencies



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Partnerships (1)

Sales Evaluations and Sales Hiring Assessments

Dave Kurlan Objective Management Group


We have been partnering with OMG for 15+ years utilizing their #1 sales evaluation tool.

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Courses (2)

Effective Selling System Online Learning Library

This library will provide you with a comprehensive view of our online training modules to help salespeople and their coaches learn, implement and coach an Effective Selling System. These interactive sales modules, accessible 24/7, include sales techniques and strategies around pre-call planning, prospecting, qualifying, closing, and pipeline management.

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Sales Managed Environment® Online Sales Management Library

This library will provide you with a comprehensive view of our online training modules to help new and experienced sales managers learn, implement and coach to Anthony Cole Training Group’s SME™ program. These online interactive modules, accessible 24/7, are created to help sales managers have effective 1 on 1 coaching sessions, sales meetings and sales skill sessions with their people. The library provides sales management strategies for setting standards, coaching, motivating, and hiring salespeople.

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Articles (1)

Sales Managment Expertise

BISA Portfolio

Tony Cole


Tony Cole is a consistently published author for the Bank Investment & Securities Association sharing his sales management expertise

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