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Tony Tsai - CAA Club Group. Thornhill, ON, CA

Tony Tsai Tony Tsai

Vice President, Corporate Communications and Services | CAA Club Group

Thornhill, ON, CANADA

Tony Tsai oversees the organization's internal and external communications.






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Tony’s passion is to help individuals and organizations facilitate honest and constructive conversations with their stakeholders and the public at large. He has been with CAA since 2009 and is the Vice President, Corporate Communications and Services. He and his amazingly talented (and spirited) teams oversee public relations, media relations, internal communications, change management, business continuity planning, facilities management and corporate services.

Prior to joining CAA, he worked in various roles in communications and marketing at Canwest Global Communications and Husky Injection Molding Systems.

Industry Expertise (2)

Public Relations and Communications


Areas of Expertise (5)

Corporate Communication

Internal Communication



Project Management

Education (1)

Wilfrid Laurier University: B.B.A., Business Administration 1999

Media Appearances (10)

'You're going to spend more money if it sits around': Auto shops seeing more problems tied to idled cars

CTV News Kitchener  online


According to Tony Tsai, a spokesperson with the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), the association has seen a 15 per cent increase in dead battery calls from its members in 2020 compared to 2019. But, Tsai pointed to extreme weather as a likely bigger factor than lack of use. “When we had really bad weather in 2018, we actually saw a 48 per cent increase in battery-related calls and in 2019 we actually saw a decrease in battery-related calls because the weather was really great,” Tsai said.

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11 per cent of Canadian drivers left winter tires on all year long, report shows

CTV News Toronto  online


CAA says for now it has launched the mobile tire swap program in the GTA and some cities across the province. The charge is $80 to $120 depending on the CAA membership. CAA says 600 people have signed up for the service which comes to an end on December 4. It may bring the program back in the spring and next fall. “We launched the service because many of our members realize they want at home service with the pandemic these days. This way they don’t have to go anywhere and they can still have the service done to their vehicle," said Tony Tsai with CAA Communications.

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Focus on well-being helps companies keep employees

The Globe and Mail  online


“We do a variety of programs. From a physical standpoint we’ll have challenges, we have an onsite wellness coach who can help people with their health goals, a wellness committee that looks after activities. But we also take an expansive view of what wellness looks like, so we have a great rewards program that allows employees to recognize each other and give each other points that they can redeem for goods.”

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CAA offers tips for driving on slippery roads

Kitchener Today  online


"You have to be very prepared, and you have to be very careful. It's about three P's -- planning, preparation and patience. If you can remember those three things, it should make your driving that much safer."

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Preparing for the winter driving season with CAA

Breakfast Television Toronto  tv


The official start to the winter season is right around the corner. The CAA is launching its public awareness campaign about what we need to do to prepare for the long winter driving season ahead. Joining Roger is Tony Tsai with tips on preparing your car for the season ahead.

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CAA's predictive technology piloted in London

The London Free Press  online


“The system can predict the volume of breakdowns for that area. And it breaks it down into the types for us,” such as batteries or flat tires or tows, Tsai said.

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AI-powered CAA roadside assistance will be dispatched before you break down

IT World Canada  online


“[CAA] has taken almost 112 years of roadside assistance knowledge and by applying this technology and statistical algorithms basically allows us to have a better understanding of where we’re needed most,” Tony Tsai CAA’s assistant vice president of corporate communications told IT World Canada.

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Heat wave straining Peterborough air conditioner service companies

Global News  online


“Extreme heat can have the same adverse affects to your batteries as extreme cold. For example in really hot temperatures the water in the battery can evaporate, draining the car battery about 30 per cent more than usual,” Tony Tsai, a spokesperson for CAA South Central Ontario.

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CAA has busy day with South-Central region snowfall



CAA South-Central spokesperson Tony Tsai said they received nearly 1,900 calls between 6 a.m.and 5 p.m. Over 200 calls were waiting for service in the early evening. Anyone who needed help in the Hamilton area were told to expect delays of about an hour due to road conditions and weather delaying some of their trucks from reaching stranded motorists. With more winter weather ahead, Tsai said it’s important to ensure all of the necessary snow clearing tools are within reach and to completely clear off vehicles from roof to tires before heading out onto the roads...

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More snow on the way for Saturday following messy evening commute Thursday



“We were seeing wait times of up to two hours in the GTA, and much longer outside the GTA,” Tony Tsai said. “Just getting trucks out to people was taking a long time with traffic and the weather.” Over 500 collisions were reported in the GTA and surrounding area since 6 a.m. Thursday, Ontario Provincial Police Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said in a tweet late Thursday night...

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