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Toussaint Losier - University of Massachusetts Amherst. Amherst, MA, US

Toussaint Losier

Associate Professor in the W.E.B. Du Bois Department of Afro-American Studies | University of Massachusetts Amherst


Toussaint Losier's research focuses on grassroots responses to the postwar emergence of mass incarceration in Chicago and other areas

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Mass Incarceration

Grassroots Responses to Mass Incarceration

Criminal Justice Policy

Incarceration and Racial Disparity


Toussaint Losier's research focuses on grassroots responses to the postwar emergence of mass incarceration in Chicago. He teaches courses on African American History, Black Politics, Criminal Justice policy, and transnational social movements.

Losier's writing has been published in Souls, Radical History Review, The Journal of Urban History, Against the Current, and Left Turn Magazine. He is co-author of Rethinking the American Prison Movement with Dan Berger and preparing a book manuscript titled, War for the City: Black Chicago and the Rise of the Carceral State.

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Dr. Toussaint Losier, MLK50 Symposium DAY 1: Where Do We Go from Here?: CRIMINAL JUSTICE The 45th Anniversary of Attica Prison Murders w/ Heather Ann Thompson and Toussaint Losier - (2/3)


Education (3)

University of Chicago: Ph.D., History

University of Chicago: M.A., History

Harvard University: B.A., Departments of Social Studies and African and Afro-American Studies

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Reopening city’s mental health clinics will be an important early test for Mayor Brandon Johnson

Black News  online


Toussaint Losier was a volunteer with the Mental Health Movement, which worked with patients to spearhead protests against the closures. Now a professor in the Department of Afro-American Studies at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Losier said he’s struck by how the fight to reopen the clinics has remained potent for over a decade.

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Storming the Gates: Fifty Years After the Attica Prison Uprising

WNYC  radio


Toussaint Losier is quoted in a radio report about the 50th anniversary of an uprising at the Attica Correctional Facility and the contributions the Nation of Islam, also known as Black Muslims, made to the movement for prison reform.

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Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier On The American Prisoner Movement

Millennials Are Killing Capitalism Podcast  online


Historians Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier who co-authored the book Rethinking The American Prison Movement are interviewed on the 49th anniversary of the Attica Rebellion,

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Select Publications (2)

Working behind bars


Toussaint Losier


"Unfree labour is still alive and well in the United States, a century and a half after the civil war that supposedly put an end to it. Ironically, it still considered legal because of the very constitutional amendment that abolished slavery in 1865."

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Rethinking the American Prison Movement (Book)


Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier


Rethinking the American Prison Movement provides a short, accessible overview of the transformational and ongoing struggles against America’s prison system. Dan Berger and Toussaint Losier show that prisoners have used strikes, lawsuits, uprisings, writings, and diverse coalitions with free-world allies to challenge prison conditions and other kinds of inequality.

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