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Traci Carte, Ph.D. - Kennesaw State University. Kennesaw, GA, US

Traci Carte, Ph.D. Traci Carte, Ph.D.

Chair of the Department of Information Systems and Associate Professor of Information Systems | Kennesaw State University


Associate Professor & Chair, Information Systems

Industry Expertise (6)

Computer Software Computer Networking Education/Learning Information Technology and Services Manufacturing Business Services

Areas of Expertise (6)

Leveraging diversity using technology Leadership Computer-mediated communication Enterprise Resource Planning Technology Careers Women in Technology

Education (3)

University of Georgia: Ph.D.

University of Georgia: M.B.A.

Wright State University: BS-MIS

Affiliations (2)

  • ScholarVets.com
  • Technology Experts of Kennesaw State University

Media Appearances (1)

Female KSU students create Google websites and Android apps

Cobb Business Journal  


With the goal of empowering female students to pursue careers in technology, Traci Carte, chair of Information Systems at Kennesaw State University, said the workshop’s hands-on experiences are aimed to show the girls how they can achieve goals in the industry...

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Recent Papers (5)

How Should Technology Affordances Be Measured? An Initial Comparison of Two Approaches Twenty-first Americas Conference on Information Systems


Technology affordance and constraint theory (TACT) is an emerging perspective in the information Systems (IS) literature to understand technology use and consequences. A technology affordance (or constraint) is defined as a relational construct that depends on the interaction between technology features and individual goals...

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Undergraduate-to-PhD Project: Examining the Path to Becoming and Remaining an African American Professor in Information Systems AIS Electronic Library


This research-in-progress examines the path to becoming and remaining an African-American professor in the information systems field from both a student and faculty perspective. This work builds upon the efforts of the PhD Project to increase the number of minority faculty members in business programs with specific focus on IS...

Multilevel research in information systems: Concepts, strategies, problems, and pitfalls Journal of the Association for Information Systems


Information systems (IS) researchers often explore complex phenomena that result from the interplay between technologies and human actors; as such, IS research frequently involves constructs found at multiple levels of analysis, although rarely recognized as such. In fact, our targeted review of the IS literature found minimal explicit consideration of the issues posed by multilevel research although a number of studies implicitly conducted research at multiple levels...

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Technology Affordances and Emotion Regulation Strategies: A Qualitative Study Academy of Management Proceedings


Emotion regulation is attracting increasing research attention in the management literature. Abundant research exists regarding emotion regulation strategies, the method to regulate individuals' emotion. Despite the extensive attention being paid to emotion regulation in organizational communication research, the role of media in facilitating (or inhibiting) the use of emotion regulation strategies is under-investigated...

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Breaking Out: The Importance of Collaborative Technology in Shaping Emergent Leadership Behaviors Kennesaw State University


We examined task-oriented and socially-oriented emergent leadership behaviors among men and women within computer-mediated teams across two studies. In one study teammates' perceptions of who emerged as leaders were captured and in both studies the participants' actual leadership behaviors were captured...

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