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Tracy A. Williams is the Total Package; A transformational/motivational speaker. He is funny, charming, engaging and above all, passionate about helping people nurture and develop their innate potential that will make your organization productive and successful. His high energy programs have been developed from 20 years successful experience in business, media and professional sports. When speaking, Tracy not only challenges, but also motivates and transforms through personal empowerment...while providing all the resources to succeed. Get ready for a powerful, passionate message that is customized to the unique dymanics of your market goals and objectives. His interactive approach is strategically designed to meet the needs of each targeted audience, and his contagious passion for success has made him a speaker in high demand.

Tracy is among the premier transformational/motivational professionals who will have your staff running back to their desks so they can begin to make things happen in your business! Tracy Williams's organizational tools have translated well into his philanthropic endeavors as well. In 2003, he founded The U R Gifted Foundation. Through his foundation, Tracy Williams has created an innovative vehicle to help others uncover, motivate and develop their own personal God-given gifts and successes that only they can offer the world. The former college standout and Harlem Globetrotter has not forgotten his basketball roots either. The Tracy Williams Total Achievement Basketball Camp teaches youngsters how to shoot, score and win big on and off the court.

Through his speaking, Tracy Williams has shared his creative approach to success with thousands in person and on television. Small business, professional organizations, Universities and schools, fortune 500 companies and even The White House; have contacted Mr. Williams to help develop their key individuals. He has harnessed that same drive and motivation that carried him all over the world playing basketball to help him develop never-fail strategies for personal and professional empowerment. He has never met a challenge that he did not like.

As a member of the National Speakers Association, Tracy Williams is a highly sought after and specially trained transformational speaker that can help you motivate and transform your target audience. If you’re not passionate about…you will be! Let Tracy Williams ignite the passion in your business or organization.

Industry Expertise (1)

Sport - Professional

Accomplishments (1)

former Harlem Globetrotter (professional)

Tracy A. Williams-Former Harlem Globetrotter & Motivational/Transformational Speaker

Affiliations (1)

  • KABS (Kids Against Bullying in Schools)

Testimonials (6)

Teresa Pope, Principal | South Carolina Alliance of Black School Educators

The conference attendees noted that the presentations were all very helpful, practical, and informative. Several remarked that these sessions were some of the best groups they have ever heard.

L. Diane Williams, Exec. Coordinator | Coastal Community Action, Inc

The Senior Companion Program volunteers were pleasently surprised with the keynot speaker for thier 10th Annivesary Program at the New Bern Convention Center was the dynamic, young and entergetic Tracy Williams, former Harlem Globetrotter. The comments below reflect the reactions that the audience had about thier experience with Tracy: ~ Tracy was personable, upbeat, related well to the seniors ~ He was positive and motivating ~ "This young man definitely has a lot to say" ~ He brought the message home-personalized it to what the seniors experience daily ~ "I can understand why he'd be well received by any audience, irregardless of age" ~ The senior volunteers loved this young man!

Peggy Malone, HR Admin. | Greenville/Emporia Coalition for Delaying Parenthood in Youth

You were a huge hit, and we certainly hope you will come back to see us again. Your message was very entertaining but presented very serious information to the audience; especially with the teens. You were a huge hit with the teens as well as the adults.

Phyllis A, Baskerville, Former Assistant Warden | Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women

Your timely reminder to the women that they still have the opportunity to change their minds about how they live their lives was most appropriate and provided much hope to the inmates and staff who were present. I have received a number of notes from the women stating that they "were so blessed" and "really needed to hear what he had to say".

Maxine D. Porcher, Executive Assistant | Indian Creek Correctional Center

You truly impacted our population as well as the staff. We are looking forward to you returning and being a part of our team.

J. Bruce Cusack, Administrator | Berkeley County School District

You were quite an inspiration to our students. These students are well trained in their technical field and ready for the workplace or further education. Motivation to stay focused in order to become successful is just what they need, and you provide that motivation. I think you had a great impact on our graduates. It was a very culminating moment for them at a very critical point in their life. Great Job!



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2500 to 25000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee