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Treena Wynes

Wellness Warrior | Food4Thought

Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

Wellness Warrior, Counsellor & Author



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Treena wants to help you supercharge your well-being! Her life experience and education provide her with a unique perspective. As busy working mother parenting two teen boys, she understands the challenges of living in a modern world that values appearance, perfectionism, and the desire to have it all.

As a young woman, Treena struggled with low self-esteem and body issues, including bulimia, so she empathizes with people who sell themselves short and limit their potential. Going through this experience has given her a non-judgmental attitude, unlimited patience, and a caring manner in her professional capacity as a counsellor because she knows from experience what it is like to be obsessed with thoughts about food, and the feelings of not being good enough.

As a keynote speaker and counsellor, she helps her people to feel more adequate, confident, and enthusiastic about making life-changing decisions. Her book Eating Myself Crazy: How I Made Peace With Food (And You Can Too) is an excellent tool for people looking to change their lives one small, positive decision at a time.

Treena enjoys skiing with her family in the mountains, riding roller coasters, and yoga.

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Mental Health Care

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Emotional Eating

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University of Regina: Baccalaureate, Social Work

Testimonials (1)

Mary E. Pritchard, PhD, Boise State University | Huffington Post & Psychology Today blogger

"Treena's poignant story made me laugh, made me cry, but most importantly made me feel empowered. She tells her story in a compassionate, easy to understand way that just about everyone should be able to relate to. Her hands-on approach will allow readers to explore and heal their own relationship with food."

Sample Talks (5)

Supercharging Your Well-Being

Are you running out of gas and fuelled by fumes? Does knowing this make you anxious and stressed? Most people understand that living a healthy lifestyle is important, but few people commit to daily self-care. There is more involved in nurturing your mind and body than booking a monthly spa treatment! Learn how you can nurture yourself for peak performance, improve your moods, and focus your energy where it counts, all with the goal of supercharging your well-being.

5 Valuable Stress Management Tools We Are Using Ineffectively

Me-time is more than a golf game, a few drinks with friends, or a quick nap. It actually has to do with how we are biologically created as human beings. The problem is, we pack our schedules so full of events and to-dos that it's causing disease, mental illness and general unhappiness - but how can we create healthier stress management solutions? Treena has a few ideas!

Taking Crazy Out Of The Equation

Tense, crabby, fatigued and crying at the drop of a hat? Suffering from memory loss, brain fog, and a lack of motivation to do the things you once enjoyed? Stop panicking - you're not possessed, you're stressed! Treena will explain how you became this version of yourself that you no longer recognize, and put you back on track with the necessary tools to reclaim a happier, healthier you.

Eating Myself Crazy: How Food Controlled My Life

Many foods provide immediate gratification by numbing or soothing our intense feelings, but most people are unaware of their emotional dependency on foods until they go on a diet or highly restrict the foods they love. The diet often fails, prompting feelings of failure and self-blame. Treena understands, speaking to her personal struggle with bulimia for seven years, and how she turned her love/hate relationship with food into one that nourishes her body, mind and soul.

Self-Esteem: How To Successfully Build or Repair Our Emotional Foundation

Do you understand the direct impact of self-esteem? It's the emotional foundation that we build our lives upon. Without a positive self-image, our lives can be painful and unsatisfying - especially if some of our survival techniques only serve to feed our insecurities. Thankfully, it's never too late to make the necessary improvements to your self-esteem, and Treena can provide you with a blueprint to make it happen.



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