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A study done with 1004 companies asked their leaders to score their own presentation and communication skills. The leaders rated their own skills at an average of 86% effective. They then asked these leaders'​ staff to rate their leader's presentation and communication skills and the average result was 37%. How effective is your presentation, communication and sales skills?

To communicate effectively is one of the most important skills in business today. All successful top executives being interviewed said that the ability to communicate well with others, is the key to their success, more than anything else. The skill to inform, persuade and influence others to take action.

I have trained thousands of leading companies, groups and individuals around the globe. It is quite obvious that majority of people have a hit and miss presentation problem. They will deliver a great presentation, and then the next day a below average presentation. It’s quite frustrating because of this lack of consistency.

People with great presentation skills have consistency to deliver great presentation every time, because they have been coached. They know how to organise their thoughts quickly, deliver with impact and answer questions under fire in a professional manner.

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Author of "Public Speak, Talk Sense, Talk with Confidence".

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Break the Fear and Speak with Confidence and Impact

Public Speaking Coaching that empower people to create and deliver a speech, pitch or presentation with impact.

How to prepare and deliver world class speeches

The 8 steps to write a world class speech. How to sound believable, knowledgable and professional.



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