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Tricia Molloy - Working with Wisdom. Marietta (Atlanta), GA, US

Tricia Molloy

President | Working with Wisdom

Marietta (Atlanta), GA, UNITED STATES

Leadership speaker Tricia Molloy is an expert on maintaining a positive mindset to reduce stress, achieve goals & improve work-life balance.





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Tricia Molloy is an expert on maintaining a positive mindset to reduce stress, achieve goals and improve work-life balance. She's a corporate leadership speaker, coach and the author of "Working with Wisdom."

Tricia presents customized, interactive onsite and virtual programs for such organizations as The Home Depot, Marriott and the CDC.

Known as “The Queen of Serene,” Tricia’s wise, peaceful presence and common-sense advice are welcome in today’s challenging, complex business environment. She inspires professionals to achieve their goals faster and easier by capitalizing on the power of their subconscious mind and life-changing principles—like Visualization, Affirmations and Gratitude.


“Wow! Tricia Molloy's uplifting CRAVE program is just what we needed to help us manage the challenges we face at work.”

“Tricia got our attention, made us think and, most importantly, inspired us to take action—one CRAVE step at a time.”
Life University

“Tricia’s powerful, practical advice for reducing stress and staying focused was refreshing and right on target.”

“Tricia is so grounded and soothing; her talk was like a yoga session for the mind.”
American Marketing Association

“If you want to have a wildly successful business or career, follow Tricia’s wisdom for a huge return on your investment.”
The Brain Trust

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Training and Development

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Goal Achievement

Stress Management

Work/Life Balance

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Author of "Divine Wisdom at Work: 10 Universal Principles for Enlightened Entrepreneurs." (professional)

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New York University: Bachelor's Degree, Broadcast Journalism 1982

Sample Talks (1)

CRAVE Your Goals! Five Simple Steps to Reduce Stress and Be More Positive and Focused

Did you know that universal laws are always at work that either support or sabotage our success? Laws like “The Universe abhors a vacuum” and “What you focus on expands.” Capitalize on the power of your subconscious mind and these laws to achieve goals faster and easier. Participants develop critical leadership skills, boost productivity, build authentic relationships and banish stress. Learn how to master the five-step CRAVE system: • Clean Out the Clutter to create the clarity and space you need to accomplish your goals • Raise Your Energy to maintain a positive attitude • Affirm Success to remind you what you know to be true and counter negative messages • Visualize your goals through a three-step process • Express Thanks to focus on what’s going right and show appreciation to others for supporting your success This program can be customized to focus on sales, customer service, leadership, teamwork wellness or other specific organization goals or event themes.



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5000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee