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Trish Causey - ArousedWoman(TM). Ocean Springs, MS, US

Trish Causey Trish Causey


Ocean Springs, MS, UNITED STATES

Activism for Woman's Sexuality & Human Rights



"Arouse" means "to stir to action or response; to awaken."

As an ActivistArtist(TM), Trish Causey has dedicated her life to changing the world for the better through activism. Through her website:, and her blog:, Trish is proud to debunk myths, stereotypes, and misogynist misinformation about women in society and religion, the female body, female sexuality, and the orgasmic process in both women and men.

"Human rights" is the umbrella that encompasses all other rights issues including civil rights, women's rights, LGBT rights/ gay marriage/ gay adoption, indigenous rights, body autonomy (pro-choice/ reproductive rights; assisted suicide, ending circumcision/ FGM/ MGM), and in the United States, the protection of the First Amendment Freedoms of Religion (and Freedom FROM Religion), Speech, and Expression, to name a few.

A professional freelance writer and proud owner of a vagina, Trish Causey is an award-winning composer/writer, successful radio show host, and rising star on the Twitterwebz' outspoken Irish loudmouth scene. Revel in Trishtopia by following her @AnArousedWoman on Twitter and on Pinterest: TrishCausey.

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Women's Issues

Human Rights

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Women's Rights & Women's Sexuality

Based on, I am active in social media, detailing my own journey toward becoming a whole woman, as well as offering advice to readers who submit questions. I am developing a radio show around ArousedWoman(TM) that will be launched in 2013. I have produced and hosted a successful radio show on Musical Theatre for over 3years. I am now bringing my expertise as a professional freelance writer and as a producer/ host in broadcast media to the women's rights/ human rights genre.



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500 to 6000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee