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Trudy Heller

President | Executive Education for the Environment


Engaging, enthusiastic speaker who relates to those who do not understand the need for business change for sustainability.

Industry Expertise (3)

Renewables and Environmental

Information Technology and Services


Areas of Expertise (3)

Green Skepticism

Sustainability Changes the Business Landscape

It Enables Green Solutions

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Green Skepticism: Communicating & Implementing Sustainable Business

The business case for sustainability has been made many times, yet skepticism about the need for change remains widespread. While adopting sustainable business practices must make sense financially, an economic sales pitch alone may not be enough to convince people to purchase green business products and services or to implement sustainability practices. Trudy Heller, Ph.D., Founder and President of Executive Education for the Environment, has led hundreds of business and environmental professionals from skepticism to enthusiasm for sustainable business over the past decade. Trudy shares the strategies and tactics that work and note those that don't work. Testimonials from training participants' learning diaries document and explain exactly how and why successful strategies work. This talk is for anyone tasked with engaging others in implementing sustainable business practices. Also for entrepreneurs selling green business products and services, the session will provide strategies for enhancing a technical and economic sales pitch. Participants who attend the talk will: Be eager to engage, not avoid, skepticism. Understand assumptions behind skepticism in different audiences. See the merits of hope vs. doom and gloom Be able to help people with the green biz media blitz Understand how to connect their technical and economic expertise to the big picture


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