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Tunisha Singleton, Ph.D. - Fielding Graduate University. Los Angeles, CA, US

Tunisha Singleton, Ph.D.

Associate Faculty - Media Psychology | Fielding Graduate University


Emotion, Engagement & Experience in Digital Communication | Fandom, Meaningful Marketing & Community Management | Sports & Society





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Tunisha Singleton, Ph.D. is a Professor, DigiCulture Commentator and New Media Consultant. By focusing on where culture and conversation collide, Dr. Singleton uses the lens of media psychology to understand identity, meaning-making, and patterns between media consumption and human behavior.

With 10+ years of experience blended across brand communication, immersive technology and social media management, Dr. Singleton is a professional 1-2 punch of art (innovation) and science (psychology). She’s well-versed in using applied research and industry knowledge to inform the design of audience engagement strategies and programs to boost the fan experience.
Dr. Singleton has recently turned her attentions to tackling her passion in sports; and she is working to build platforms and create content focusing on storytelling. In her work, she uses the human experience as a means to fasten a supportive relationship between sports and society.

Dr. Singleton aspires to work with more brands and non-profit organizations on projects surrounding fandom, utility-based technology, community relations, mental health, multiculturalism and race/gender/LGBTQ empowerment.

Industry Expertise (9)


Health and Wellness

Program Development



Media - Online

Social Media

Media Production

Writing and Editing

Areas of Expertise (19)

Digital Communication


Sports Media & Marketing


Community Management

Social Media Engagement

Brand Development

Audience Engagement

Fan Identification

Consumer Behavior

Organizational Psychology

Content Development and Ideation

Narrative Persuasion

Immersive Technology






Accomplishments (2)

(2016) Mike R. Neal Legacy Award, Department of Media Psychology, Fielding Graduate University (professional)

The Michael R. Neal Legacy Award is given annually to students who demonstrate outstanding academic achievement, media innovation and collaboration with and support of fellow media scholars.

(2005) Diversity Outreach Coordinator, Chancellor Undergraduate Program, UC Santa Cruz (professional)

UC Santa Cruz is committed to furthering the cultural and social diversity of its campus community and to cultivating an inclusive campus climate. The Diversity Outreach Coordinator is an outstanding student appointed to work with the Chancellor's office to achieve these goals.

Education (3)

Fielding Graduate University: PhD, Media Psychology, 2017

San Diego State University: MA, TV, Film & New Media Production, 2007

University of California, Santa Cruz: BA, Film & Digital Media, 2005

Affiliations (7)

  • American Psychological Association (APA) Division 46: Society of Media Psychology and Technology : Co-Chair Student Committee 2014-2016
  • American Psychological Association (APA) Division 47: Exercise and Sport Psychology : Member
  • Sports and Entertainment Alliance in Technology (SEAT) : Member
  • Black Girl Hockey Club : Board Member
  • Association of Women in Wrestling : Board Member
  • Women in Sports and Entertainment (WISE) LA Chapter : Member
  • Women in Sports Technology (WIST) : Member

Event Appearances (7)

Fighting for Meaning: Exploring Identity and Self-Representation in Contact Sports

2020 MPCA/ACA Conference  Virtual Conference

Black Girl Hockey Club

2020 MPCA/ACA Conference  Virtual Conference

Digital Fandemonium: How Pro Wrestling Set the Tone for Success

2020 Pro Wrestling Studies Association (PSA) Wrestle Posium  Online Symposium

Stealth VR through the Application of Neuroscience and Cognitive Psychology

2018 Digital Hollywood  Los Angeles, CA

Inside the Experience: The Psychology of Immersive Design

2016 Digital Hollywood  Los Angeles, CA

Foundations of Media Psychology and Evolution

2016 Collegiate Anthropology Society of Los Angeles Valley College  North Hollywood, CA

(Keynote) Virtual Reality and Sports: Creating Immersive Experiences for the Amart Fan

2016 Virtual Reality Summit  Virtual Conference

Research Focus (5)

Digital Fandomonium: Psychology-Based Engagement and Media Strategy in Sports

While being a sports fan is not a new concept, what has changed are the ways in which we identify, consume, and experience sport. New technologies and digital trends are shaping the game on a global level. And fans, athletes, and brands alike need to adjust. This presentation explores the evolution of sports media consumption and underlines the impact digital technology has on brand building and fan engagement.

The Psychology of Selfie Culture

Selfies are technology-enabled self-portraits. While their frequency implies a normative shift in behavior and the acceptance of self-representation and self-narrative, the social perception of selfies and selfie-taking varies from positive to pejorative. A research team at Fielding Graduate University is deconstructing the meaning and use of the act of selfie-taking in the realms of positive psychology, sports culture, and self-empowerment.

Digital Media Expansion in Sports

Digital media expansion in sports live/traditional/digital viewing spaces, in regards to customizable experiences and spreadable content per the new requirements of sports.

Brand and Organizational Psychology

Brand and organizational psychology as it pertains to the user experience, constructing meaning through narrative, and eliciting emotion.

Social and Cultural Anthropology

The Evolution of Fandom

Using filters of social and cultural anthropology to explore the evolution of fandom in media, sport, and community schemas.