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Vicky Johnson - Divine Logistics. Washington, DC, US

Vicky Johnson

Creative Director | Divine Logistics


I Reside Where the Rubber Meets the Road!



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Spitfire…whirling dervish…quirk…Hello!! They’re all me! What I do and who I am are somewhat divergent and I love that about myself. I know how to turn it on and get it poppin’!! But at my core, I am a pretty peaceful, fun loving sort that relishes in the opportunity to be in the background. A leftie challenged to thrive in a right handed world is my lot. So thrive I do. My teachings and theories have under girded my innate creativity and the passions I have to flourish.

First a successful stint in the world of advertising when print was still King. There was nothing like sealing deals in my hometown of New York City and being a player in a man’s world.
But entrepreneurship has had a call on me for what seems like forever and it was with the support of the world’s most wonderful husband that I hung out my shingle to design some of the world’s most beautiful and decadent weddings and parties. I love the travel and the venues and opulent touches that my team and I search the globe to find. It wasn’t long though before the itch of my structured teachings buzzed like a mosquito in my ear and I took to training and teaching industry practices. It wasn’t enough to want to “play around with weddings and parties” this was a serious business and the industry was becoming flooded with hobbyists that just didn’t understand its intricacies. Teaching lead to penning my first book 'Divine Logistics' that applied these same industry practices into other disciplines.

No one would ever believe that the background is where I am most comfortable. While covering the Royal Wedding in London in 2011 I found myself hoisted by my husband atop a telephone booth in order to get a great shot. Many wouldn’t call that background, but I take the spotlight seriously and bring 100% every time. I wasn’t concerned with being seen, I just needed to catch the moment because that’s why I was there. Being a producer, instructor, author, singer, wife all speak background to me; I guess I just do “background” with Passion and it speaks for itself!

Industry Expertise (3)

Social Media


Events Services

Areas of Expertise (5)

Events and Hospitality

Social Media



Small Business Development

Accomplishments (6)

Television Personality (professional)

Featured planner on Style! Network television Whose Wedding Is It Anyway? currently syndicated internationally.

Published Author (professional)

Release of non fiction work entitled "Divine Logistics" taking a look at the application of mainstream industry practices to enhance the execution of events within the faith based community.

Blogger (professional)

Award winner author of blog entitled DC NearlyWeds following the antics and paths of soon to be wed brides as they meander their way toward wedded bliss.

Contributing Editor (professional)

Contributing Style editor for Brides Noir magazine. Devoted to the What's New What's Hot and What's NOT in the field of Weddings and Bridal.

Expert (professional)

Expert in the field of event and wedding planning utilized by CNN's American Morning broadcast. Also utilized for covering the 2011 Royal Wedding of William and Kate.

Adjunct Professor (professional)

Ability to teach at the college level in the certification of event planners. Carroll Community College, Westminster, MD and Chesapeake College in Wye Mills, MD

Education (1)

FAMU: BS, Accounting 1990

Affiliations (6)

  • International Special Events Society (ISES)
  • Association of Bridal Consultants (ABC)
  • Kingdom Association of Covenant Pastors ( KACP)
  • Association of Wedding Professionals (AWP)
  • Style! Network
  • Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?

Testimonials (2)

Bill Cochran, Owner, Say I Do Your Way | Association of Wedding Professionals

Thank you again for the helpful and inspiring presentation you shared with us Tuesday at the Association of Wedding Professionals meeting in Greenbelt. I am writing to ask if I could please have a copy of your notes or Power Points or whatever you feel comfortable to share with me. There were some great points that I want to share with couples regarding vision.

Maria Bywater, President, | Association of Wedding Professionals

Vicky, Thanks so much for your informative and inspirational discussion at Monday's AWP lunch. Your challenge to define a vision was thought provoking. Taking a few minutes to think about this led me to a vision statement that I can see could help me get a lot out of my day-to-day work and also help define a long-term plan. I thought I'd share it with you: My vision is to help couples easily and joyfully bring God into their wedding ceremonies. It needs a little work, but it's a fun start. As for your advice to "meet the bride where she is", that already came in handy this morning. It does help to create a positive, productive mindset.

Event Appearances (3)

Performing Ministry With Excellence

Celebrate Leadership  Baltimore, MD


Vision: Do You Know Where You're Going To?

Monthly Meeting  Association of Wedding Professionals

Leading With Vision

Quarterly meeting  Association of Bridal Consultants

Sample Talks (3)

Social Media: Making a REAL Connection

A light hearted look at the way we market through social media. Many companies come on too hard with a sales pitch and lack a connection with their audience. Let's take a look at how to rectify that and turn your tweets into clients.

Jumpstarting with Brainstorming

An innovative approach to unleashing the creative in a cost effective manner. Brainstorming has long been held as a viable method of bringing ideas into the room. Too many small and smaller businesses act within a vacuum and rely on their own ideas which can become staid as you are too close to the situation. Learn to Jump start your creativity and ultimately your productivity and income with Brainstorming.

Empathy in a Sympathetic Marketplace

Customer service based professionals ca often find themselves between a rock and a hard place when trying to meet professional objectives and always remembering the Customer is Right. Empathy goes a long way in digging oneself out of those ditches. Learn to how to meet your objective while creating a special type of loyalty from your clients.



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