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Victoria Kamm Victoria Kamm

Owner | Ashley and Me

Toledo, Ohio Area, OH, UNITED STATES

Social Media Practitioner



Small business survivor, teacher, strategist, speaker, geek and LION.

My greatest strength: The ability to develop social media strategy that results in more customers, more sales, more profit. And at the end of the day that’s all that really matters.

I bring a strong business sensibility to every client. My experience in running all kinds of companies gives me an edge that other consultants don't have.

I have a long history with the internet from posting on Usenet to a very early manufacturing website to learning the fundamentals of search engine optimization just as they started.

My social media start was an outgrowth of that. Reaching out across the web was necessary in the days when your business was either online or offline. There was no in-between. Relationships had to be developed and the early social media networks like Atlanta based eChain and qAlias helped me learn those skills.

Social Media/SEO experience +
Business experience +
Strong verbal and writing skills +
A love of technology =

The solution to online marketing issues for your company and you!

You can trust me to do the job right.

Industry Expertise (1)

Social Media

Areas of Expertise (3)

Search Engine Technology

Brand Development

Social Media Development

Education (3)

Liberty Center High School: 1974

University of Toledo: AAT, Refrigeration 1982

University of Toledo: BA, Psychology, Sociology 1977