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Solihull, West Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM

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Great brands, businesses and lasting success are seldom created on the road of probability, they are realised on the streets of possibility.

It’s the culmination of breaking through conventional thinking, stretching beyond limits and fearlessly embracing change.

Even in today's fast moving, hi-tech world the vast majority of people are afraid of change. They cling on to 'good old days' and 'the way things have always been done' in the hope that the winds of change will somehow pass them by...the harsh reality though is that they won’t.

I've come to learn that change isn't really a choice - whether in life, business, career or any other facet of life - it is question of 'when' and not 'if'. The only real choice you do have is how you deal with it.

Being connected to possibility is about leading yourself and others to adopt a mindset which enables you look beyond the imagined sanctuary of the 'tried and tested’ and into a world where you can identify greater opportunities, ground breaking solutions and generate more ideas that improve performance and transform results.

Whether it's speaking at events, delivering workshops, supporting change initiatives in corporates or one on one coaching with private clients, my core intent is always to inspire people to embrace change and connect to possibility.

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ABNLP: None, Master Practitioner Neuro Linguistic Programming 2008

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Roger Harrop , Director | CEO Expert, Roger Harrop Associates

"Vinay is a very special professional speaker and expert. He speaks with passion, clarity and an infectious enthusiasm which has his audiences entralled. They leave with clear, life changing, messages. You need to book him - now!"

Dawn Cox, Customer Service Development Manager | Audi UK

“I physically saw the light bulbs going on in peoples heads as they understood why they had previously struggled to get their point across with other members of the team and that there was a way around it.  I would highly recommend Vinay”

Lesley Everett, Executive Branding Coach & President of the Global Speakers Federation | Walking Tall

“Vinay not only has an amazing message that can resonate with everybody, he has carefully crafted the story, the message and the overall impact with great professionalism and attention to detail. His presentation style is compelling and thought-provoking and I would highly recommend him as a speaker.”

Gary Creigh, Sales and Marketing Professional | Rocket Consultancy

His work has always been faultless, and we intent to utilize him over and over again - this is because, quite simply, he has proved himself to be literally irreplaceable. When I first started out in client management I had the pleasure of being coached by Vinay - his lessons and techniques have stayed with me to this day!

Derek Williams, CEO | Wow Awards

WOW! What a fantastic speaker!!! I saw Vinay present... and was completely blown away by the integrity and the power of his presentation. Truly inspirational!

Carl Bayliss, Charity Lottery Manager | TLC Lottery Charity

"Vinay opened the conference which was attended by over 150 Hospice Lottery representatives and he set the positive, upbeat tone for the remainder of the two days. "

Media Appearances (1)

Bob Hoskins - The Legacy of Life Maxims

BBC Radio WM  radio


Interviewed by local radio after death of Bob Hoskins to give my view on life lessons.

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Bullet Proof Principles for Bounce Back Ability

Property Investors Network Galla Dinner  Birmingham


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The Secrets of BounceBackAbility - How do you deal with change that is not your choice?

One thing I have discovered about human beings is we don’t like it....particularity when it is as a result of something outside of our control! It can have a negative effect confidence, self belief and sense of empowerment. It can lead to emotions of anger, frustration and apathy along with feelings of fear, stress and vulnerability. All of this can have a detrimental impact on performance, productivity and profitability in business. So how do you help people to bounce - back?



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4000 to 9000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee