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Vittal Anantatmula - Western Carolina University. Cullowhee, NC, US

Vittal Anantatmula

Professor | Western Carolina University


Vittal Anantatmula’s current research is focused on project management teams, integrating knowledge management and project management.



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Vittal Anantatmula is a professor of Project Management in the College of Business, Western Carolina University. Anantatmula’s current research is focused on project management teams, integrating knowledge management and project management, knowledge management effectiveness, project management performance, project success and leadership.

Industry Expertise (4)

Writing and Editing

Management Consulting



Areas of Expertise (5)

Global Projects

Project Management Performance

Project Management

Agile Project Management

Project Success

Accomplishments (3)

University Scholar Award (professional)

2017 WCU

Excellence in Research Award (professional)

2012 College of Business, WCU

Graduate Faculty Teaching Award (professional)

2011 College of Business, WCU

Education (4)

George Washington University: D.Sc., Engineering Management 2003

George Washington University: M.S., Engineering Management

Management Development Institute (MDI) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIM): M.B.A., Project Management

Andhra University: B.S., Electrical Engineering 1977

Affiliations (5)

  • AACE
  • PMI
  • ASEI
  • Problems and Perspectives in Management : Editorial Board Member
  • Journal of Global Economics, Management, and Business Research : Editorial Board Member

Languages (3)

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Telugu

Media Appearances (2)

Lower Real Estate Tax Rate Sought By Some Fairfax County Homeowners

Patch  online


Vittal Anantatmula, who has lived in Fairfax County since immigrating to the U.S. 30 years ago, said he chose living in the county due to quality education, affordability and low crime. However, he believes those factors have worsened over time.

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Project Manager Tips for Dealing with Conflict in Project Teams

Dice Insights  online


Not all conflict is bad, however. Technical or issue-focused conflicts can lead to collaborative, outside-the-box solutions if handled properly, noted Dr. Vittal Anantatmula PMP, a former project manager (PM) and professor for the College of Business at Western Carolina University.

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Event Appearances (5)

Vital Signs of a Healthy Project Management Environment

International Total Cost Management Conference  Bangkok, Thailand


An analysis of the process in deriving further benefits of the AHP Model

International Symposium of the Analytic Hierarchy Process  Washington D.C.


Vital Signs of a Healthy Project Management Environment

AACE 2014 Annual Meeting  New Orleans, LA


Linkages Among Project Management Maturity, PMO, and Project Success

2013 IEEE International Technology Management Conference and 19th CE Conference  The Hague, Netherlands


Critical Chain Method in Traditional Project and Portfolio Management Situations

PMI India Academic and Research Conference  Pune, India


Articles (5)

Managing Quality in Aviation Projects

Engineering Management Journal

2021 From aircraft manufacturing, product customization, aircraft maintenance, and aircraft launch and recovery, project management is threaded through all aspects of aviation. Given the supreme importance of quality to every aircraft manufacturer, airline, and passenger, it would be expected that quality management, within the context of project management, would be a construct that is clearly defined.

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Linking Complexity Leadership Functions to Entrepreneurial Orientation: Evidence from Telecommunication Sector

Journal of Business And Entrepreneurship

2021 Entrepreneurial orientation has not been much studied in conjunction with leadership to assess the organizational dynamics. This study aims to identify the interaction between complexity leadership functions and investigating their relationship with entrepreneurial orientation—this research study used survey questionnaire methods to collect cross-sectional quantitative data.

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Psychological Safety Effects on Knowledge Sharing in Project Teams

IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management

2021 This article investigates the impact of abusive supervision in causing the loss of psychological safety, which in turn impacts knowledge-sharing among project team members. Moderation and moderated mediation of psychological capital (PsyCap) in the direct and indirect relationship between abusive supervision and knowledge sharing is also tested.

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Insights From the Field: Project Execution Success and Failure

The Journal of Modern Project Management

2021 Project execution plays a decisive role in project success, but past research did not focus on the project manager’s perspective of what needs to be accomplished to achieve success. In this study, the authors used qualitative techniques to look for reoccurring themes related to 44 project managers’ responses to interview questions associated with successful project execution and failed project execution.

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Project Management: A Natural Career Destination for Military Veterans

The Journal of Modern Project Management

2020 This quantitative study surveys 595 United States military veterans from all four branches of the military in order to ascertain the degree to which the branches of the military prepare individuals for possible future careers in civilian project management roles.

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