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William Mougayar - Engagio. Toronto, ON, CA

William Mougayar

Founder & CEO | Engagio

Toronto, ON, CANADA

"They said what about me?" Manage your social network conversations and startup your entrepreneurial spirit with the Founder of Engagio





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William Mougayar is the Founder & CEO of Engagio and Eqentia Inc. William has more than 30 years of strategic, operational, and leadership experience in the technology industry, as an entrepreneur, business executive, professional speaker, management consultant and best-selling author.

His career spanned 14 years at Hewlett-Packard in a mix of senior sales & marketing management roles, 10 years as an independent thought leader, and 2.5 years as global VP of Corporate Marketing at Cognizant.

William is the best-selling author of Opening Digital Markets: Battle Plans and Business Strategies for Internet Commerce (McGraw-Hill, 1997), co-author of The Business Internet and Intranets (Harvard Business School Press, 1997), and was also a columnist for Computerworld, LANTimes and Business 2.0.

William is a graduate of the University of Washington (BSc), the University of Western Ontario (Marketing Management), and attended the University of British Columbia’s Graduate Commerce School.

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VC and Private Equity


IT Services/Consulting

Public Relations and Communications

Information Technology and Services


Social Media

Writing and Editing

Information Services

Management Consulting

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Social Engagement

Social Commenting

Future of Social Web

Social Media Analysis

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Author (professional)

The Business Internet and Intranets: A Manager's Guide to Key Terms and Concepts acquaints readers with the key concepts of the Internet and intranets. Managers can use it as a reference, or as a resource for understanding and communicating the larger significance of Web technology and business innovation. The indispensable glossary includes insightful commentary, practical applications, and over 100 essential terms to help you decipher the Internet fast.

Author (professional)

Opening Digital Markets: Battle Plans and Business Strategies for Internet Commerce contains step-by-step planning templates, as well as case studies and practical examples of successful Internet commerce ventures. The book should be of interest to business and technology executives interested in exploring how Internet commerce is destined to change their organizations, now and in the future.

Founder & CEO - Eqentia Inc. (professional)

Eqentia is a new generation of web content publishing, distribution and engagement platform featuring advanced curation, real-time aggregation, text-mining, personalization, semantic extraction and social media integration capabilities. The Eqentia platform can be branded across personal, departmental and organizational boundaries with solutions for competitive intelligence, knowledge tracking, content monitoring, custom content, hyper-local news, content marketing and social newsrooms.

Founder & CEO - Engagio (professional)

Engagio is a Gmail-like productivity tool to manage your conversations in social networks and commenting systems. Engagio gives you visibility about the people behind these conversations and reveals their social identities profile, saving you time and allowing you to connect with them. Engagio derives implicit data from your normal interactions, whether these interactions occur on these networks or inside your Engagio Inbox. Connect your social networks & commenting systems and watch the magic!

Education (4)

The University of British Columbia: Graduate School of Commerce, Commerce 1981

University of Washington: B.Sc., Electrical Engineering 1980

The University of Western Ontario - Richard Ivey School of Business: Executive Program, Marketing Management 1989

Lycee Francais: Baccalauréat, Sciences (S) 1977

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Event Appearances (7)

Becoming A Social Media Entrepreneur

Third Tuesday Ottawa Speaker Series  Ottawa, Ontario


Becoming A Social Media Entrepreneur

Third Tuesday Toronto Speaker Series  Toronto, Ontario


The State of Online Conversations on the Social Web: Survey Results

Blogworld & New Media Expo  New York City


Comments, Identities, Beliefs: Benefiting from the Business of Social Culture

RocketSpace Event Series  San Francisco, California


Conversations are the New Information and the New Content

MIXMÉDIAS Montreal  Montreal, Quebec


Business Models and Market Opportunities for Semantic Start-Ups

SemTech 2009   San Jose, California

Panel Moderator: Discovering Critical Business and Marketing Insights Through Analytics, Semantic Reasoning and Data Visualization

Web 3.0 Conference  New York City


Sample Talks (3)

Becoming A Social Media Entrepreneur

Social media has proven fertile ground for people with ideas. Behind every success story is an entrepreneur who had an idea and the persistence, energy and sheer determination to make it happen. William Mougayar is the entrepreneur behind two social media startups: Eqentia and Engagio. William will share his personal journey from idea to beta to seed funding. He'll talk about the dark nights of doubt, the highs of the Eureka moments and the grinding work that goes into that success.

The State of Online Conversations on the Social Web

Social Interactions and Online Commenting are arguably the highest forms of social engagement. They often result in creating or enhancing relationships with new or existing contacts, as well as nurturing vibrant online communities around blogs and web content. In the first part of this session, William Mougayar, CEO of Engagio will disclose the results of their first annual survey. This will be followed by a discussion of user engagement in social networks and its impact on marketing.

Conversations are the New Information and the New Content

Social Discussions and Online Commenting are arguably the most engaging social gestures. They send strong social signals, and they symbolize a real intent to create or enhance 1:1 relationships with new and existing contacts. Social conversations are where intelligence lives. They are the new information and the new content. Could they lead us to new forms of social marketing? Are they the next frontier of social discovery? Can they result in meaningful new relationships?


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