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William Struthers, Ph.D. - Wheaton College. Wheaton, IL, US

William Struthers, Ph.D. William Struthers, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology | Wheaton College


Dr. Struthers studies the impact of pornography consumption, neurological effects of environmental enrichment, and science-faith issues.



William Struthers, Ph.D. Publication William Struthers, Ph.D. Publication William Struthers, Ph.D. Publication



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Bill Struthers: Brainy is the New Sexy - Biola University Chapel Your brain and addiction [William Struthers on Addiction] Pornography Addiction, Industry, and Relationships Porn Addiction with Dr William Struthers (Part 1: Introduction) HD




Dr. Struthers' lab research interests are in the neural mechanisms that underlie behavioral arousal and the processing of novel environments. His research employs the use of stereotaxic surgery, immunochemistry, and behavioral manipulations to investigate gene expression in the cingulate cortex and basal ganglia.

He recently received a grant from the Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, an interdisciplinary research enterprise based at St Edmund's College, Cambridge University (UK) to examine uses and abuses of neuroscience research in society. Dr. Struthers has also been named a Visiting Research Fellow to Biola University's Center for Christian Thought in 2014 for his work on the impact of sexual exploitation on spirituality, and is part of the Oxford Interdisciplinary Seminars in Science and Religion: Bridging the Two Cultures of Science and the Humanities.

Education (3)

The University of Illinois at Chicago: Ph.D., Biopsychology

The University of Illinois at Chicago: M.A., Biopsychology

Illinois Wesleyan University: B.A., Psychology

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests (16)

Psychology Science and Faith in Dialogue Biological Bases of Personhood Biological Bases of Spirituality Neuroethics Compulsive Sexuality Novelty and the Brain Psychology Education History and Psychology Men and Addictions Neuroscience and the Soul Psychopharmacology Behavioural Neuroscience Activism Against Sexual Exploitation Biological Bases of Behavior Pornography Addiction

Professional Affiliations (4)

  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
  • International Neuroethics Society
  • Association for Psychological Science

Media Appearances (3)

Beauty of Art and Sacraments as Response to Culture of Pornography

Today's Catholic News  online


William Struthers, professor of psychology at Wheaton College, next shared how viewing sexually explicit material (SEM) influences the thoughts and behaviors of men. Through his neurological research he found that “men who are often exposed to SEM become less interested in real women because they have access to a controlled environment to engage their sexual desires without having to deal with the reality or messiness of a real relationship.” He also shared that “when viewing SEM, men neurologically trigger the function of vicariously engaging in the behaviors and feelings of what the performers are experiencing...

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Porn delivers more harm than good

The East Carolinian  online


Countless scientific studies have backed my assertions. One of which was conducted by William Struthers, PhD in bio-psychology, asserts that frequent porn viewers replace legitimate images of women with those fictional, highly inaccurate versions found in adult film. “They have unknowingly created a neurological circuit that imprisons their ability to see women rightly as created in God’s image,” said Struthers’ report...

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Transforming the Brain

Christianity Today  online


William Struthers, a neuroscientist and professor of psychology at Wheaton College, has written a book to help us avoid becoming seduced in a culture where pornography can invade our homes. The bad news, he argues in Wired for Intimacy: How Pornography Hijacks the Male Brain (InterVarsity), is that the human brain can be chemically hijacked by pornography...

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Presentations and Event Appearances (6)

Pornography in Cultural and Clinical Contexts

Department of the Navy Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training Seminar  Orlando, FL


PornBrain. What Neuroscience is (and isn’t) Telling Us about Digital Sexuality

Love and Fidelity Network  Ave Maria University, Ave Maria, FL


Effects of Enriched Housing on the Expression of Novelty-Shuttling Induced Fos-Like Immunoreactivity in the Cingulate Cortex and Basal Ganglia

Society for Neuroscience 46th Annual Meeting  Struthers, W.M.; Medrano, S.P; Ansell, K.; Wu, L. - Chicago, IL


Behavioral and ERP responses to emotionally evocative images among high and low trait anger college age men

Society for Neuroscience 46th Annual Meeting  Ross, K.; Addleman, D.; Early, A.; Reyes, C.; Baker, S.; O’Hora, H.; Phinney, R.; Struthers, W.; Whitney, H.; and Thom, N. - Chicago, IL


Reducing Moral Distress in Nursing- Do Interventions Really Work?

American Nurses Credentialing Center National Magnet Conference  Haviley, Corinne, Reid Tinio, Gina, Pugliese, Karen, Czyzewski, Katherine, and Struthers, William - Atlanta, GA - 2015

On Harms and Hope: The Myriad Injustices of Pornography and How Some are Fighting Back

Sexuality, Integrity, and the University Conference, Love and Fidelity Network  Struthers, William M. and Hawkins, Dawn - Princeton University, Princeton, NJ


Academics and Published Research (2)

Courses Taught

- First Year Seminar: Soul, Mind or Brain?
- Advanced Integrative Seminar: Drugs, Religion and Society
- Foundations of Neuroscience
- Neuroscience Collaborative Research
- Neuroscience Capstone
- Introduction to Psychopharmacology
- Neuroscience and the Soul
- Men and Addictions
- History of Psychology
- History and Systems of Psychology (Graduate Program)
- Psychopharmacology (Graduate Program)
- Teaching of Psychology Seminar (Graduate Program)

Research Interests

Dr. Struthers' animal lab research is on the effects of environmental enrichment on neural responses to novelty challenges. His clinical research is in the area of compulsive sexuality and pornography use. In addition to this empirical work, Dr. Struthers' theoretical research interests are in the areas of neuroethics, the biological bases of spirituality and personhood, and science/faith dialogue issues. Dr. Struthers also speaks internationally as an advocate against various forms of sexual exploitation (i.e. pornography, prostitution, sex trafficking).

Select Articles, Chapters, Reviews, and Other Publications (7)

The Neurobiology of Stress and Trauma. Treating Trauma in Christian Counseling InterVarsity Press

Struthers, William M., Ansell, Kerryn, and Wilson, Adam


Downers Grove, IL.

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Mealtime Disruption and Caregiver Stress in Referrals to an Outpatient Feeding Clinic Journal of Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition

Fishbein, Mark, Benton, Kathryn, and Struthers, William M.


Performance on the Iowa Gambling Task Among a Hypersexual Sample Journal of Sexual Addiction & Compulsivity

Mulhauser, K, Struthers, W.M., Hooks, J, and Pyykkonen, B.


Comic Books, Mock Trials and Zombies: Engaging Integrative Biopsychology Themes in the Classroom Journal of Psychology and Theology

Struthers, William M.


The Use of Brain Images When Evaluating Religious and Non-Religious Media Reports American Journal of Bioethics: Neuroscience

Struthers, William M.; Hagan, Tim; Mulhauser, Kyle; and Schuchardt, Read.


Nasolacrimal Duct Obstruction and Anisometropic Amblyopia Journal of the American Association of Pediatric Ophthamology and Strabisums

Kipp, Mike; Kipp, Mike A. Jr. and Struthers, William M.


False Intimacy Youthwork

Struthers, William M.