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Yixuan Li - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Yixuan Li

Assistant Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Yixuan Li's research agenda focuses on how to enhance workplace diversity and inclusion and promote organizational learning and innovation.


Yixuan Li's research program has its origin in understanding the importance of heterogeneous human resources for organizations to learn, develop and grow. Yixuan focuses on two interrelated research questions: how to integrate employees with diverse backgrounds into the work processes to create an inclusive organization and how to develop organizational capability for learning and innovation.

Areas of Expertise (4)

Diversity and Inclusion

Learning and Innovation

Strategic Human Resource Management

Work Groups and Teams

Articles (3)

Retaining retirement-eligible older workers through training participation: The joint implications of individual growth need and organizational climates.

Journal of Applied Psychology

Yixuan Li, et. al


As the workforce ages, organizations are increasing their efforts to retain retirement-eligible workers to avoid human capital shortages and preserve knowledge reservoirs. Nevertheless, the potential factors and underlying mechanisms relating to the retention of retirement-eligible workers have rarely been examined. The current research investigates how retirement-eligible workers may be retained by the organization through human capital development activities.

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From inclusive climate to organizational innovation: Examining internal and external enablers for knowledge management capacity.

Journal of Applied Psychology

Yixuan Li, et. al


As the diversity field evolves, scholars are shifting the attention from mitigating “problems” associated with diversity to searching for ways to leverage the potential value in diversity. We advance this field by studying how an inclusive climate benefits organizational innovation, an important foundation for sustained competitive advantage.

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Age differences in affective responses to inclusion experience: A daily diary study

Personnel Psychology

Yixuan Li, et. al


The global trend of increasing age diversity in workforces has called for research on understanding and managing age differences to better integrate employees across the lifespan into organizations. Integrating aging and lifespan development research and inclusion work, we conduct a daily diary study to investigate age differences in employees’ responses to inclusion experience on a daily basis.

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