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Yoon-Na  Cho, PhD - Villanova University. Villanova , PA, US

Yoon-Na Cho, PhD Yoon-Na  Cho, PhD

Associate Professor of Marketing & Business Law | Villanova School of Business | Villanova University


Yoon-Na Cho, PhD, is an expert in consumer welfare and sustainability or “green” issues as well as services marketing.


Areas of Expertise (6)


Consumer Welfare

Services Marketing

Cross-Cultural Consumption

Sustainability Communications

Buyer Behavior


Professor Yoon-Na Cho's research investigates consumers’ experiences across various stages of the decision-making process. Her research mainly focuses on consumer welfare and sustainability or “green” issues as well as services marketing. She is an ideal source for stories on the impact of branding on consumers, especially in relation to sustainability, and product and retailer evaluations.

Education (1)

University of Arkansas: PhD

Select Accomplishments (2)

Visiting Professor (professional)

Advertising Educational Foundation, Saatchi & Saatchi, New York City, NY, June 2017.

Visiting Scholar (professional)

University of Auckland, New Zealand, September 2016

Affiliations (7)

  • Editorial Review Board, International Journal of Advertising
  • Editorial Review Board, Journal of Global Fashion Marketing
  • American Marketing Association
  • Society for Consumer Psychology
  • Society for Marketing Advances
  • Association for Consumer Research
  • Beta Gamma Sigma

Select Media Appearances (2)

How Marketers Can Overcome Greenwashing For Consumers

Media Post  online


Consumers are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in making environmentally friendly decisions, prompting marketers to devise ever more nuanced methods of “green communication.” The Federal Trade Commission’s Green Guides have been revised only twice in the last 17 years, most recently in 2012, and these infrequent updates struggle to keep pace with marketing strategies that may give rise to consumer confusion and deceptive greenwashing by companies.

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It's Not Easy Being Green

The Economist  online

Consumers buy stuff, throw it away, and then buy again. Consumers must consume. The cycle repeats endlessly. Do consumers really need stuff? The most likely answer is, probably not. With this continuing pattern of consumption in mind, they search for ways to shop smarter for themselves, for the environment, and for the planet. Most consumers spend a lot of time thinking about how they can make more informed decisions in the marketplace. They can find it difficult to figure out the best choice when they’re constantly bombarded with sustainability and eco-friendly labels on packaged goods. The corporate practice of greenwashing only makes this problem worse. Many corporations deceptively mislabel their products as green when they are not. Combined with their overwhelming claims about being environmentally friendly, consumers are left wondering if there’s anything they can do to be more green.

Research Grants (5)

Summer Research Reward

Villanova University 


Transformative Consumer Research

Association for Consumer Research 


Consumer Insights Lab Research

Center for Marketing and Consumer Insights, Villanova University 


International Travel Grant

Center for Global Leadership, Villanova University 


Travel Fellowship

Lilly Teaching Conference 


Select Academic Articles (5)

Photoshopping of Models in Advertising: A Review of the Literature and Future Research Agenda Journal of Business ResearchF

Taylor, Charles R., Danielle Smith, Yoon-Na Cho, and Carissa Anthony


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Enhancing Environmentally Conscious Consumption Through Standardized Sustainability Information Journal of Consumer AffairsF

Cho, Yoon-Na, Robin L. Soster, and Scot Burton


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Does Feeling Guilt Facilitate “Green” Purchases: Insights on a Global Issue From a U.S. Consumer Survey Advances in International MarketingF

Kim, Yohan, Yoon-Na Cho, and Charles R. Taylor


The Role of Emotions on Frontline Employee Turnover Intentions Journal of Marketing Theory and PracticeF

Yoon-Na Cho, Brian N Rutherford, Scott B Friend, G Alexander Hamwi, JungKun Park


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Mindfulness: Its Transformative Potential for Consumer, Societal, and Environmental Well-Being Journal of Public Policy & MarketingF

Shalini Bahl, George R Milne, Spencer M Ross, David Glen Mick, Sonya A Grier, Sunaina K Chugani, Steven S Chan, Stephen Gould, Yoon-Na Cho, Joshua D Dorsey, Robert M Schindler, Mitchel R Murdock, Sabine Boesen-Mariani


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