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Yu-Hao Lee - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Yu-Hao Lee

Associate Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Yu-Hao Lee’s research focuses on the cognitive and emotional effects of immersive/interactive media, e.g. video games and virtual reality.


Yu-Hao Lee's research focuses on the cognitive and emotional effects of immersive/interactive media such as video games and virtual reality. He also studies how to design immersive media experiences that promote better decision-making and prosocial behaviors. Yu-Hao is passionate about seeking new ways to communicate complex stories and motivate prosocial behaviors. His research has examined the use of immersive technologies in various contexts, including using serious games to train intelligence analysts about cognitive biases and to improve law enforcement officers' deception detection skills. He has also examined using immersive technology to change attitudes toward climate change and refugees.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Social Media

Media Psychology and Media Effects

Communication Technology

Emerging Media

Social Advocacy and Social Change

Media Appearances (3)

Who’s Responsible for Brand Success or Failure When the Endorser Isn’t Human?

UF College of Journalism and Communications  online


As advancements in technology reshape the advertising world, the use of virtual influencers is on the rise. Virtual influencers are computer-generated image (CGI) characters on social media that post and interact with followers, just like humans. Some brands are using these virtual influencers as endorsers in place of human influencers.

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Why Taylor Swift’s Breakup Feels Like our Breakup Too

UF College of Journalism and Communications  online


Swifties (diehard Taylor Swift fans) had their emotional universe upended on Saturday after learning that the singer-songwriter had broken up with boyfriend Joe Alwyn of six years. Why did this news produce such a volcanic public response, replete with viral rumors and conspiracy theories? It’s rooted in the not-so-new but ever-growing parasocial relationships phenomenon—one-sided celebrity fascinations that lead fans to vicariously invest in stars’ lives.

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My Tutor is an AI: The Effects of Involvement and Tutor Type on Perceived Quality, Perceived Credibility, and Use Intention

UF College of Journalism and Communications  


Artificial Intelligence is now being used to help tutor students at all educational levels. AI tutors can enhance learning outcomes such as facilitating various teaching-learning practices within and outside the classroom, supporting students 24/7, and providing students from economically disadvantaged areas access to all kinds of learning materials without being in the same geographical location. Yet, despite the now somewhat ubiquitous nature of AI tutoring, many students, teachers, and parents are skeptical...

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