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Presidential Rhetoric Expert Shares Thoughts on Bush's Speech

Presidential Rhetoric Expert Shares Thoughts on Bush's Speech 2017-10-24
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Martin Medhurst, Ph.D.

Presidential rhetoric expert Martin J. Medhurst, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Rhetoric and Communication and professor of political science in Baylor’s College of Arts & Sciences, is quoted in this article about speeches given last week by two former U.S. presidents and a former presidential candidate that warned of the dangers to the nation and the world if divisive politics continues to cleave the American electorate into thoughtlessly hostile warring camps.

“They ... talk about American ideals, they ... talk about the story of America, the American creed and the need to reinvigorate democracy and continue to be the exemplar to the world of democratic values,” Medhurst said.

The Christian Science Monitor

Top us politicians warn of democratic values at risk

Taking implicit aim at president trump, political heavyweights george w. bush, barack obama, and john mccain speak out about democracy and foreign policy, raising questions about the path ahead for the nation and gop.

The Christian Science Monitor