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Flu Season is Here - We've Got the Forecast

Flu Season is Here - We've Got the Forecast 2016-10-31

Flu season is here once again, with cases already documented in western Canada, the bug will quickly spread east covering the country. In Canada, almost 3,500 people die each year because of the flu.

Health officials are particularly concerned as this year's strain of the flu, H3N2, can have devastating consequences for certain members of the population.

An outbreak of the flu can impact workplaces, schools, families and the health care system.

Are you prepared and what do you need to know when it comes to prevention, flu shots and staying healthy this winter?

Lisa Schell is the Chair of Cambrian College’s School of Nursing and is a respect experted in the fields of infection control, infectious and preventable diseases, outbreaks and public health. Lisa is available to speak regarding influenza and what the public should expect this flu season. Simply click on Lisa's icon to make contact and arrange an interview.


This season's flu strain particularly nasty, b.c. doctors warn

Health officials worried about an outbreak of influenza in british columbia are encouraging citizens to get the flu shot, as this year’s strain is expected to be particularly aggressive.