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Pro-Sports or Profane? Is It Finally Time to Let Go of Offensive Names and Mascots?

Pro-Sports or Profane? Is It Finally Time to Let Go of Offensive Names and Mascots? 2016-11-03

The World Series is over. Cleveland lost. Though the MLB team did gain a lot of attention with its playoff run, the team's name also rekindled an ongoing debate about team names and the racist undertones professional organizations like the Atlanta Braves, Cleveland Indians, Chicago Blackhawks and the Washington Redskins represent.

The reality is professional sports seems to occupy an almost stubborn stance when it comes to names and mascots that are not only culturally inappropriate - but offensive to Indigenous culture. These teams are well entrenched in communities, with loyal followings and fan bases that stretch across the continent. Generations of fans follow these teams and some feel that it is time for professional sports organizations like Major League Baseball, the NHL and NFL to modernize and show some respect to the long history of the content's Aboriginal peoples.

Some think it is time for these teams to change. Others see it as an overreaction and no big deal. So who is right?

Richard Ouellet is an expert in Indigenous education, culture and engagement. He has experience with broadcast media and available to speak with journalists regarding this very timely issue. Simply click on Robert's icon to make contact and arrange an interview.


Now is the perfect time for the indians to quietly abandon chief wahoo

The cleveland indians are world series losers, and when they report back to their home field on april 3, it should be without their racist logo, once and for all.