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Making the Grade - How Exam Anxiety is Affecting Everyday Students

Making the Grade - How Exam Anxiety is Affecting Everyday Students 2016-11-30

It's that time of year again.

Semesters are coming to a close, classes are wrapping up and that means one thing: exams.

Exam time is often stressful - even for the most prepared and qualified student. Exams represent success or failure. They are consequential to academic and professional development, and the pressure that weighs on students balancing life away from home, education and at the same time, keeping an eye focused on the future can, at times, be overwhelming.

But there is help. There are ways to cope, manage and ultimately succeed during this time.

Irene Nizzero is a Psychology professor and life coach who helps others flourish and enhance resilience. Her main area of interest is positive psychology.

She also teaches courses in developmental psychology, interpersonal communication and performance psychology at Cambrian College. Irene has an MA in psychology and has completed coursework toward a PhD in education.

Irene is an expert in this field and is available to speak with media regarding this very important topic.

Simply click on Irene's icon to contact her.

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