International Federation on Ageing

International Federation on Ageing International Federation on Ageing

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The International Federation on Ageing (IFA) is an international non-governmental organization with a membership base of NGOs, the corporate sector, academia, government, and individuals.

WE BELIEVE in 'generating positive change for older people throughout the world by stimulating, collecting, analyzing, and disseminating information on rights, policies, and practices that improve the quality of life of people as they age.'

Our priorities are to establish the IFA as a point of connection that links together NGOs, academia, policy makers, and the private sector; facilitates knowledge exchange through our networks; collaborates in research and provides a repository of information; is a reference point for policy knowledge around areas with global implications: age discrimination, engaging seniors, financial protection, and age-friendly communities.

It is our mission to:

- Respond to the need for information on policies, practices, and rights
- Facilitate interaction and collaboration between all sectors concerned with ageing issues
- Providing a reliable platform for information exchange, empowerment and connection
- Bridge gaps in the knowledge and understanding of the ageing experience
- Develop tools to empower older people and the various groups working with them
- Help foster an age friendly environment at the global, regional and local levels

The IFA has consistently campaigned for the rights of older people in a diversity of ways, including involvement in drafting key initiatives, participating in and hosting global conferences, and producing our own reports and publications.

In sum, the IFA exists to inform, educate and promote policies and practice to improve the quality of life of older persons around the world.



Experts (101)

Dr. Jane Barratt

Dr. Jane Barratt

Secretary General

As Secretary General of the IFA Dr Barratt is an internationaly respected speaker on age related issues across the globe.

Connected Technologies Population Ageing Ageing and Human Rights Women's Rights Caregiving

Dr. Stephen E. Judd

Dr. Stephen E. Judd

Chief Executive

Dr. Stephen E. Judd's studies contribute to dementia care, aged care design and the role of charities in contemporary Australian society.

Dementia Frailty Social Technologies in Ageing Public Policy Quality of Care

Prof. Leocadio Rodriguez Mañas

Prof. Leocadio Rodriguez Mañas

Head of Department of Geriatrics

Professor Mañas ' research focuses on the clinical investigation of human vascular ageing and the mechanisms of vascular damage in diabetes

Frailty Epidemiology Diabetes

Dr. Ruth Finkelstein

Dr. Ruth Finkelstein

Associate Director

Dr. Ruth Finkelstein translates interdisciplinary scientific knowledge on aging and its societal implications into policy-focused practice.

Infectious Diseases Education and Training Active Ageing Lifelong Learning Ageing in Place Public Policy

Mr. Don M. Blandin

Mr. Don M. Blandin

President and CEO

Don M. Blandin was appointed President and CEO of the Investor Protection Trust in June 2004

Pensions Retirement Public Policy Coalitions Elder Fraud and Financial Exploitation Investor Education Investor Protection

Mr. Rodd Bond

Mr. Rodd Bond


Mr. Rodd Bond is the Director of the Netwell Centre, and an architect by background.

Urban Planning Education and Training Active Ageing Built Environment Public Policy

Prof. Yitzhak Brick

Prof. Yitzhak Brick


Professor Brick came to JDC-ESHEL following a decade as Deputy Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Labor & Social Affairs

Health Promotion Volunteering and Employement of Older Adults Technology and Ageing Public Policy

Prof. Antony Bayer

Prof. Antony Bayer

Professor of Geriatric Medicine

Professor of Geriatric Medicine in the Division of Population Medicine in the School of Medicine at Cardiff University

Frailty Re-enablement Cognitive impairment and dementia Research Methods and Older People

Dr. Ad van Berlo

Dr. Ad van Berlo

R&D Manager

Ad van Berlo is both mechanical engineer (1980) and psychogerontologist (1997)

Smart Home Technology Smart Living Care Technology E-Health Telemedicine

Dr. Goldie Nejat

Dr. Goldie Nejat

Associate Professor

Goldie Nejat, PhD, P.Eng. is the Founder and Director of the Autonomous Systems and Biomechatronics (ASBLab) Laboratory

Biomedical Engineering Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Engineering Applied Mechanics and Design Robotics Mechatronics and Instrumentation Human Factors/Ergonomics

Industry Experience (7)

  • Health and Wellness
  • Public Policy
  • Social Services
  • Elder Care
  • Health Care - Services
  • Government Relations
  • Research