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Ownr simplifies the process of registering or incorporating a business and makes it easy, accessible, and affordable. By combining technology, seamless customer service, and the resources business owners need, Ownr enables entrepreneurs to start, manage, and grow their business. Ownr has helped over 50,000 Canadians launch their dreams since 2017. Ownr is operated by RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of Royal Bank of Canada. For more information, visit www.ownr.co.




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Experts (3)

Shadi McIsaac

Shadi McIsaac

Co-Founder & CEO

Shadi is the Co-Founder & CEO of Ownr, a platform that offers a simple and convenient way to start, manage and grow your business.

Entrepreneurship Innovation Small Businesses Business Incorporation Strategy and Business Architecture Business Growth Strategies Strategy Development Digital Transformation Digital Innovation

Shane Murphy

Shane Murphy

Director at RBC Ventures

Shane Murphy is the co-founder of Founded, now acquired by RBC Ventures.

Legal Advice Legal Process Small Businesses Entrepreneurship Legal Software and Technologies Entreprenurial Leadership Emerging Technologies Litigation and Policy Start-Up Ventures Business Growth Strategies

Travis Houlette

Travis Houlette

Head of Product

Travis is a co-founder of several acquired companies and currently works as Ownr's Head of Product.

Software Development Software Engineering Product Development Entrepreneurship Game Development Legal Technology Business Start-Ups Computer Science App Development User Experience

Industry Experience (1)

  • VC and Private Equity