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Does the road to the Whitehouse go through North Carolina?

Does the road to the Whitehouse go through North Carolina? 2016-10-18
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Joseph Cabosky, Ph.D., J.D.

As America finds itself embroiled in one of the most tense and aggressive elections in its history, recent polls are showing a country clearly divided with the outcome of the race could come down to just a few key states - North Carolina being one of them.

A poll released on Monday shows North Carolina is virtually tied. Donald Trump (47%) trails Hillary Clinton (48%) by a mere point. With a margin of error of about 3 percent, the outcome could depend on the next three weeks of campaigning and potential the final presidential debate taking place tonight.

Joseph Cabosky, Ph.D, J.D. is an Assistant Professor at UNC Chapel Hill’s School of Media and Journalism. He is an expert in the fields of public relations data analytics and the value of modern PR efforts, particularly in the areas of entertainment, politics and investor relations.

Joseph is available to speak to media on the current polling numbers and projections and audience or demographic each candidate needs to appeal to win north Carolina on November 08.


Polls: Tight in NC while Trump Tops in AZ

Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are neck and neck in North Carolina, a state solidifying its position as a perennial presidential election battleground, while Trump holds a 5-point lead in the traditionally GOP-tilting state of Arizona, according to new CNN/ORC battleground state polls.