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U.S. "Trade War" with China Escalates

U.S. 2018-07-12
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Jonathan Doh, PhD

Trade discussions between the world's two largest economies have escalated as a result of President Trump's having moved forward with a plan that would impose tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese imports. While tariffs on Chinese goods so far have focused on industrial materials and factory equipment, the new tariffs, which could take effect in August, may affect prices for consumer goods such as TVs and groceries. Retaliatory tariffs from China could further hit American consumers' pocketbooks and affect U.S. job growth.

Jonathan Doh, PhD, is an international trade expert available to discuss changes in trade policy between the U.S. and China, and their potential impact on the consumers and economies of both countries. Doh is the Associate Dean of Research, Rammrath Chair in International Business, Faculty Director of the Center for Global Leadership, and Professor of Management at the Villanova School of Business.

Doh is a prolific scholar and author in the fields of international business and trade; he has been a visiting professor at universities in Europe and Asia and served as a trade official with the U.S. Department of Commerce, with responsibilities related to NAFTA. He has also served as Senior Associate at the Center for Strategic & International Studies and consulting Advisor to Deloitte & Touche Tohmatsu International. Doh would add a valuable perspective to any reporting on the various trade issues currently at stake under the Trump administration.

To contact Doh, click headshot above, call the Media Relations office at (610) 519-5152 or email


Beijing urges u.s. firms in china to lobby washington over trade war

China on thursday said foreign firms operating in china would suffer in a trade war, urging u.s. companies to lobby their government to protect their interests, and said no talks to end the impasse were currently under way.