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The Attitude at CRA has to Change

The Attitude at CRA has to Change 2018-03-07
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Don Scott

This is a rare result – a successful lawsuit for malicious prosecution by CRA. More so than not, I find that CRA auditors and appeal officers are untrained, do not understand how the business world works and are quite flippant when a settlement cannot be reached. Commonly saying something like “you can always file an appeal”. This kind of attitude does not help and certainly does not take into account the costs of time, money and angst that this causes for taxpayers.

The attitude at CRA has to change. It should not be one of “we’re going to get them” which I run into far to often these days. It should be “let’s make sure we get this right”. We can only hope that the outcome of this case shakes things up a bit at CRA, but I have my doubts....

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