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Former U.S. Attorney: Family Separation Is "A Moral Outrage"

Former U.S. Attorney: Family Separation Is 2018-06-20
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David Iglesias, J.D.

Professor David Iglesias, a former U.S. Attorney in New Mexico who also served as chair of the border and immigration subcommittee under John Ashcroft, is available for interviews about the zero tolerance and family separation immigration policies. "The president's zero tolerance for people crossing the border is more than just a moral outrage--it rejects decades of administrations deferring to prosecutors in the region know how best to deal with immigration cases," he says. Iglesias, who is an associate professor of politics and law and director of the Wheaton Center for Faith, Politics, and Economics, is among a bipartisan group of former U.S. Attorneys who have called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to end family separation. "Zero tolerance may make a catchy bumper sticker, but it is the very definition of bad public policy," Iglesias says. To request an interview with Professor Iglesias, e-mail media.relations@wheaton.edu.

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Border Crisis of Conscience

We need to make sure Washington hears our message loud and clear: fix this immigration problem now. Protect the sanctity of the family. Stop the zero-tolerance policy.

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