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Academic Experts and the Media in America


In the last few years, America has been living in a pervading culture of confusing and conflicting arguments, rumours, hearsay, myths, and misinformation. At ExpertFile we regard universities as central to addressing this media challenge, to correcting misinformation, and unpacking partisan agendas.

In conjunction with university media teams, author Justin Shaw identified and consulted with 28 media-active faculty members across the USA and with American professors who attract international media interest through their roles in universities outside of the US. Hear the direct comments and views of academics to gain insights into relevant topics that include:

  • How academic experts perceive their role in public engagement and communicating with the media
  • Why we are not seeing a more rapid evolution of media-engaged academic experts
  • How University leaders and those in communications and PR roles can encourage and support faculty engagement with the media and more…

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