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Academic Experts and the Media in the UK

Author: Justin Shaw

Only 10 percent of a total of 210,000 UK academics are engaged in media work or similar frontline external promotional activities. This low level of engagement is also identified by a Welcome Trust survey of UK researchers – which found that 82% of them have never had broadcast interviews and 77% have never been interviewed by the press.

This report, based on detailed interviews with thirty of the most media-experienced academics across the UK draws on their experiences to identify lessons they can share in encouraging other academics to follow in their path. Hear the direct comments and views of academics to gain insights into relevant topics that include:

  • How academic experts perceive their role in public engagement and communicating with the media
  • Why we are not seeing a more rapid evolution of media-engaged academic experts
  • How University leaders and those in communications and PR roles can encourage and support faculty engagement with the media

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