Humber Experts Available to Comment on Future of the National Anthem

May 31, 2016

1 min

Richard Bingham, M.A.Wanda Buote, M.B.A.

Professors Bingham and Buote are available to discuss the history and future of Canada's National Anthem.


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Richard Bingham, M.A.

Richard Bingham, M.A.

Professor, School of Media Studies and Information Technology

Richard Bingham is a professor of Creative Advertising at Humber College's School of Media Studies.

AdvertisingMarketingCreative StrategyCreative DirectionEntrepreneurship
Wanda Buote, M.B.A.

Wanda Buote, M.B.A.

Principal, Lakeshore Campus at Humber College

Wanda Buote is the Principal of the Lakeshore Campus at Humber College.

EducationBusinessManagementLeadershipAdult Education

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