Prof Sarah Harper - Plenary Panel Day 1: Innovations in Aged Care and Program Delivery

Prof Sarah Harper - Plenary Panel Day 1: Innovations in Aged Care and Program Delivery Prof Sarah Harper - Plenary Panel Day 1: Innovations in Aged Care and Program Delivery

June 3, 20162 min read

Professor Sarah Harper is Professor of Gerontology at Oxford University and Director of the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing, a multi-disciplinary research unit concerned with the implications of future population change.

Later this month at the 13th IFA Conference, leading experts will be the first to explore the implications for older people in natural and human-induced disasters and health emergencies, as well as issues related to age-friendly environments, care and support, elder abuse law and rights, and income protection and security.

Did you know that migration is now an essential, inevitable and beneficial component of the economic and social life of every country and region? With high rates of immigration and of internal migration to urban areas over several decades many countries are now experiencing rapidly ageing ethno-cultural populations. This growth and complexity provides a range of challenges for practitioners and policy makers. The absence of an interface between mainstream and ethno-cultural services has impacted negatively on knowledge sharing and capacity building to prepare the general community, health professionals, care providers and families with cultural competencies to support the cultural diversity of older adults and their families.

Professor Harper will be joined by other world-renowned experts to discuss and debate how some of the most pressing issues of the current and new eras in care to ensure older people are able to age in a society where their care needs are realized, prioritized and met. These experts will share best practices, learn from those tasked with meeting the challenges of an ageing population and create meaningful global knowledge mobilization networks.

This topic of great concern in every modern country today. The 13th Global Conference is a great opportunity for knowledge mobilization and developing priority actions to ensure care and support services take on a more functional ability approach for all people to have the opportunity for a long, meaningful and healthy life. Professor Harper is available to discuss this topic and any age related matter.


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  • Prof. Sarah Harper
    Prof. Sarah Harper Director and Professor of Gerontology

    Sarah trained as an ethnographer and her early research focused on migration and the social implications of demographic change

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