What will Hillary Clinton mean for older adults?

What will Hillary Clinton mean for older adults? What will Hillary Clinton mean for older adults?

October 19, 20161 min read

After one of the longest campaigns in history, many promises have been made, and many policies have been developed to sway voters from one candidate to the other.

But now, with the United States' presidential election mere weeks away, the race for the White House seems all but determined. Come November 8, barring a major shift in public opinion, Hillary Clinton will be named the 45th President of the United States.

As older adults form one of the largest and most reliable voting demographics in America, both campaigns laboured to secure the support of this crucial group. The Clinton campaign made many bold promises regarding Social Security and Medicare, earning her the endorsement of the Alliance for Retired Americans and their 4.4 million members.

But once the election is over, what can America’s older adults expect? Will they see the changes promised in Clinton's platform? What will those changes mean? How much will they cost?

Dr. Debra Whitman, a member of IFA's Expert Centre, serves as Chief Public Policy Officer for the AARP. She is a leading authority on ageing issues with extensive experience in policy development and the political process.

Dr. Whitman is a skilled speaker and has extensive experience speaking with the media. She is available to speak to news outlets regarding the outcome of this very important election.


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    Dr. Debra Whitman Chief Public Policy Officer

    Debra Whitman, PhD, is an economist and expert on aging issues with extensive experience in national policymaking and global research.

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