Will Trump embrace @POTUS?

Will Trump embrace @POTUS?

December 5, 20161 min read

Kennesaw State political science professor Kerwin Swint says that while Trump may not want to use his new Twitter handle when it is handed to him on inauguration day, he believes that Trump is setting up a war on traditional media that is unusual in its intensity and apparently strategic in nature.

"He is trying to de-legitimize the media, and use social media to communicate directly with the American people. Trump is using Twitter the way FDR used radio - go over the heads of the mass media and communicate your message directly to the American people. Why would he stop?" said Swint, who explores the use of social media in political communication.

Swint, who wrote the book, "Mudslingers: The 25 Dirtiest Political Campaigns of All Time" is now working on his newest book which will delve deep into the political nastiness of the historic Trump - Clinton election.


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