How to keep your heart healthy throughout life

How to keep your heart healthy throughout life

January 31, 20171 min read

As we age, heart health becomes a greater issue. Whether it’s due to a lax approach to dieting or a more sedentary lifestyle, the heart begins to work harder to continue basic functions.

“One of the major concerns I see for women in mid-life and beyond is concern related to the heart,” said Dr. Barbara Bushman, professor of kinesiology at Missouri State University. “Heart disease is the number one killer of women, and unfortunately, 44 percent of women do not realize this.”

During American Heart Month, Bushman hopes to give women tips for staying active, healthy and agile throughout the life cycle. Bushman is an expert in the area of women’s health – especially older women – and is the editor and contributing author of the American College of Sports Medicine’s “Complete Guide to Fitness and Health” (the second edition will be available in late February 2017).


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