Think NYC is too far north for Zika? Think again

Think NYC is too far north for Zika? Think again Think NYC is too far north for Zika?  Think again

May 30, 20171 min read

When most think of the Zika virus – places like Brazil, the Caribbean or maybe even Florida come to mind. Places without winters and 12 months of mosquitos. However, last week public health officials dropped a bombshell. One in four (1/4) of all babies born with the defects related to the Zika virus were born to women from New York City.

That number is astounding. And a wake-up call for health officials, law makers and every person in the city.

But what do people need to know? Is there a vaccine? Should those who are pregnant worry and should those trying to conceive put plans on hold? What preventative measures can one take and how can officials avoid panic?

There are a lot of details surrounding the Zika virus – and a lot to know.

That’s where the experts at Farmingdale State College can help. Dr. Robert Coleman is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Biology at Farmingdale. He is an expert in the fields of infectious diseases, vaccines and vaccine development. Robert is a go-to for media on these issues and available to speak about this topic – simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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  • Robert Coleman
    Robert Coleman Assistant Professor, Department of Biology

    Dr. Coleman is both a research scientist and an entrepreneur. He is a founding member of Codagenix, a biotech start-up company.

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