World Oceans Day and #OceanOptimism

World Oceans Day and #OceanOptimism

June 8, 20171 min read

Today, people around the globe are celebrating World Oceans Day, and discussing how we can all work together to make them cleaner, healthier and more sustainable.

On Monday, a five-day long United Nations conference kicked off in New York. Rising sea levels, marine resources, pollution, sustainable development, and ocean degradation were just some of the key issues being discussed.

Can our oceans recover? How bad is it and how did it get to this point?

That’s where the experts at Cedar Crest College can help.

John A. Cigliano is a Professor of Biology and an expert in marine conservation. Recently, he delivered a lectured titled "#OceanOptimism: Why It Is Not Too Late." Dr. Cigliano says despite the issues currently facing our oceans, he doesn't believe they are doomed. He can draw on success stories from around the world as well as his own research conducted with Cedar Crest College students to illustrate that point, and to outline what we can all do to help.

Dr. John Cigliano is available to speak with media regarding World Oceans Day or any topic related to marine conservation, ecology and the ocean. Simply click his icon to arrange an interview.


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