Signed Off - Bass Pro Finally Reels in a Deal

Signed Off - Bass Pro Finally Reels in a Deal

July 7, 20171 min read

Earlier this week, federal regulators finally signed off on the approval for Bass Pro to acquire rival Cabela’s for a projected $4 billion dollars.

The deal includes Cabela’s retail and online properties, as well as the lucrative credit card unit that is part of the chain. Cabela’s shareholders are expected to vote July 11 on whether to accept the privately held Bass Pro’s offer of $61.50 per share.

So, what will this mean for Cabela’s 82 locations and Bass Pro’s 95 retail stores? With Bass Pro’s one major rival acquired, how will it affect prices, competition and loyal customers? As well, with any acquisition or merger, there will be duplication. What can Bass Pro employees in Missouri or the 2,000 Cabela’s staff in Nebraska expect?

There are many questions to be answered. This is where Missouri State University experts can help. Dr. Jeff Jones is an Assistant Professor in Finance and General Business at Missouri State. An expert in corporate finance, Dr. Jones has spoken with media previously regarding this developing business story. Simply click on his icon to arrange an interview.


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