North Korea Rejects South Korea's Call For Talks: How High Will Tensions Escalate?

North Korea Rejects South Korea's Call For Talks: How High Will Tensions Escalate?

July 21, 20172 min read

North Korea has been in the news a lot lately. Saber rattling, political posturing and missile testing by the hermit state have led to escalating tensions between the United States, South Korea and even neighbouring China. Earlier this month, Pyongyang claimed it successfully tested an ICBM, for the first time, of the type that experts believe could reach Alaska.

But as the situation looked to boil over, tensions may have had a chance at simmering.

Tongilgak - a North Korean building in the Panmunjom compound in the demilitarized zone between the two countries, which has been used for previous negotiations, was suggested by the South Koreans as a destination for talks between North and South Korea aiming to stop 'all hostile activities that raise military tension.'

By early Friday morning, all intelligence indicated – that offer was rejected. The two countries that have been bitter enemies since 1950 remain opposed and unwilling to compromise.

There’s a lot at stake – safety, the threat of global war and between the two countries, some families are still divided and incapable of meeting after more than half a century.

So, is there a chance the two sides can find a diplomatic solution? Is this rejection just another tactic by North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to leverage more from the west in order to speak? Does North Korea have the ability to launch a missile that may reach American soil?

There’s a lot more to this new alignment than a simple agreement and that’s where Missouri State University experts can help. Dr. Dennis Hickey is a global studies expert specializing in Asian politics and American foreign policy. He is a go-to source when media agencies require clear perspective and answers regarding this complex situation and region. Dr. Hickey is available for interviews. Click on his icon to contact him.


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