Looks Like ‘X’ Marks the Spot as Apple Cashes in on a $1300 Smartphone

Looks Like ‘X’ Marks the Spot as Apple Cashes in on a $1300 Smartphone Looks Like ‘X’ Marks the Spot as Apple Cashes in on a $1300 Smartphone

November 3, 20172 min read

No doubt there were worries and concerns about Apple’s latest offering - the iPhone X; it’s a smartphone like no other, but one that also comes with a hefty price tag of C$1,319 for the 64GB and C$1,529 for the 256GB model.

The phone features some very serious upgrades including facial recognition technology and an edge-to-edge screen. For Apple, it appears the bet has paid off. The demand for this luxury item has so far exceeded expectations. Around the globe from Tokyo, to Toronto to Toledo – customers showed up early, lined up and handed over close to a thousand dollars US for the device.

But what will this mean for the industry? Has a new price-point been set? Instead of competition driving down costs – can customers expect premium prices for must have items?

Can we expect Samsung, LG and others to step up with a first-class product as well?

Or, will there buyer’s remorse? The bells and whistles of the iPhone X are impressive – but is it really worth it?

There are a lot of questions people need to ask before buying – and that’s where the experts from the IDC Canada can help.

Steve Yang is the Senior Analyst, Communications & Mobility for IDC Canada. He’s an expert in the Canadian communications market, specifically focusing on mobility. He provides insights to Canadian wireless players around mobile phones and tablets, along with related communications from a unique Canadian perspective.

Steve is available to speak with media regarding the new iPhone X and what this means for the mobile industry. Simply click on either of their icons to arrange an interview.


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