The Future of Flight – What’s Next for Commercial Aviation?

The Future of Flight – What’s Next for Commercial Aviation?

November 8, 20171 min read

November is Aviation History Month. It is told that it was on this month in 1782 that the Montgolfier brothers of France invented the first hot-air balloon. Soon after, people were able to leave the ground and take to the skies for travel. 235 years later, a lot has changed – but perhaps not our curiosity for how high and how far we can go.

But what does the future of flight look like? Will it be solar powered? Will it be to space and back and who will drive the next generation of technology? Elon Musk is leading the way, but he’s merely one of many looking to revolutionize and capitalize on our need to travel.

There are a lot of questions about what the future of flight will be – and that’s where the experts from Southern Utah University can help.

Michael Mower is the executive director and chief flight instructor for SUU's aviation program. His years of service and experience in the United States Air Force and as a commercial pilot have made him a renowned expert in the aviation field. Michael is well known with media and available for an interview – simply visit his profile to arrange a time.


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  • Michael Mower
    Michael Mower Executive Director of SUU Aviation / Chief Flight Instructor / FAA Designated Pilot Examiner

    Specializes in pilot training, FAA regulations, advanced/aerobatic helicopter flight, aviation safety, search and rescue, and lobbying

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